Green House Gas Emissions & Carbon Reduction

BrightView is an industry leading pioneer in the use of landscaping strategies and electric equipment to help clients reduce their carbon footprint and meet LEED certification standards.

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Green Roofs

Green Roofs
A BrightView team member adds plant material as part of a green roof installation at the University of Texas Dell Medical School.

BrightView works with clients to design and maintain green roofs, where carbon-consuming plants are installed directly into the building structure. The surface temperature of green roofs can be 30 to 40 degrees lower than a conventional roof top, and green roofs can reduce a buildings energy requirements, extend the life of the roof system and help to reduce the surrounding air temperature of cities and towns. In addition to energy benefits, a green roof can absorb 80% of rain fall, as compared to the 24% absorption capacity of a conventional roof top. This increased absorption capacity reduces water run-off and prevents property and downstream flooding.

In 2017, BrightView partnered with Dell Medical School at the University of Texas to turn its roof into a 17,000 square feet garden for research and meditation. This project alone keeps more than eight pounds of nitrogen oxide, 17 pounds of sulfur dioxide, and six tons of carbon dioxide out of the environment annually.

Vehicle Fleet

Hybrid Fleet of BrightView Vehicles
BrightView's commitment to environmental sustainability includes the use of low-emission hybrid vehicles in its fleet.

BrightView introduced hybrid vehicles to the fleet ten years ago and has since continued to explore ways to further reduce the carbon footprint of its fleet, including recycling the vehicles and equipment regularly to ensure they are fuel efficient. Most recently, BrightView piloted its telematics platform to monitor vehicle location, maintenance and idle time to maximize fleet efficiency and minimize emissions.

Going Electric

Electric Equipment for Zero-Emissions
BrightView operates more zero-emission equipment, including full-scale commercial mowers, than any landscaping firm in the U.S.

BrightView maintains a robust supply of zero-emission landscaping equipment, including electric line trimmers, blowers, and mowers. Each team of BrightView’s electric mowers eliminates an estimated 6,900 metric tons of CO2 emissions equal to 1,500 cars averaging 12,000 miles per year.

BrightView crews maintain green landscapes at sites such as university campuses, homeowner associations, luxury hotels, and municipalities throughout the United States. 

University of Pennsylvania
University campuses are among the nation's leaders in embracing sustainable landscaping practices.

In 2018, BrightView piloted a green initiative on the University of Pennsylvania’s 299-acre campus. All equipment used to maintain and service the campus landscape is electric, creating a sustainable community and a quiet environment conducive to study and outdoor enjoyment.