Water Conservation

Efficient water use lies at the heart of BrightView’s environmental efforts. From smart irrigation controllers to xeriscaping, BrightView prides itself on offering superior irrigation management services to its clients.

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Smart Controllers for Irrigation

Smart Clock Installation to Reduce Water Usage
BrightView irrigation experts employ the latest in smart technology and other techniques to minimize water use.

BrightView offers sophisticated irrigation solutions using smart technology, including smart controllers and sensors to provide clients with efficient water management systems. Smart Irrigation Management systems save clients’ money while protecting water resources and assuring healthy and vibrant landscapes. BrightView has installed smart technology and controllers in hundreds of properties across the United States, including large homeowner associations (HOAs), universities, hospitals and corporate campuses.

In 2018, BrightView completed a smart irrigation retrofit for a HOA in Key Largo, Florida, which consisted of retrofitting the entire property with smart technology irrigation controllers—these controllers have the capability to monitor soil and air moisture levels, humidity changes, weather, temperature, underground water flow, detect leaks, and more—enabling irrigation to be conducted throughout the property on an as-needed basis. BrightView’s smart irrigation retrofit enabled the HOA to conserve water and reduce water waste, resulting in 42 million gallons of water saved annually.


Xeriscaping Reduces Water Usage
For many clients, BrightView employs xeriscaping, a design and construction strategy that minimizes the need for supplemental irrigation.

BrightView offers xeriscaping to clients—a landscaping technique that reduces the need for supplemental water from irrigation by using plants with requirements appropriate to the local climate—which can reduce water use by 60 percent or more, as well as decreasing maintenance, waste, energy consumption and the use of fertilizers and other chemicals. BrightView has installed xeriscapes for many years, realizing millions of gallons in water savings annually.