Our People

BrightView strives to take care of all of its team members by providing a safe, inclusive and engaging work environment where the best people want to work. BrightView puts a premium on its team members’ health, safety and career development.

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Health & Safety

BrightView prides itself on its industry-leading safety programs. BrightView takes its team members’ safety seriously and continually updates its trainings, communications, and assessments to ensure that team members are prepared to perform their jobs with minimal risk to themselves or others. All BrightView employees are expected to adhere to the Safety Code of Conduct and participate in daily and weekly safety updates.

The Health & Safety of Everyone is a Priority
BrightView equips all team members with appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), including products intended to mitigate the spread of communicable disease.
  • BrightView provides safety training and programs for all employees
  • The Companys hosts regular coaching and feedback sessions to assist with comprehension and facilitate compliance with safety policies
  • Safety leaders at every branch communicate the necessary updates and initiatives to all our crew members
  • Weekly Tailgate Topics ensure that new safety concerns and measures are discussed and adopted
Job Site Safety is Paramount
BrightView’s industry-leading safety program includes mandatory “stretch and flex” exercise sessions before each shift. These sessions also present great opportunities for crew members to revisit tailgate topics and other safety initiatives.

Safety Statistics

  • More than 20,000 employees and over 200 branches
  • In 2021, our total recordable injury rate (TRIR) was 2.03, which represents a 60 percent decrease since 2013
  • Our OSHA recordable injury rate is substantially lower than the commercial landscaping
  • In 2021, over half of our branches went without a single injury
  • 100% of team members take safety pledge


COVID-19 Response

As the largest provider of commercial landscaping services in the United States, BrightView is monitoring COVID-19 outbreak closely. During this difficult time, BrightView remains committed to the health and safety of not just our nearly 20,000 team members, but of the many valued customers and the hundreds of communities across America in which BrightView operates. In response to these events, BrightView has made significant changes to operations across all service lines, following and often exceeding the recommendations of public health authorities. BrightView is committed to helping keep essential services open and caring for its customers’ living assets.

COVID-19 Statistics

  • Invested tens of millions of dollars in PPE, sanitizers, etc.
  • Introduced social distancing guidelines for group meetings, stretch and flex sessions and for field work
  • Shifted to virtual trainings and meetings where possible
  • Focused tailgate safety topics around COVID-19 concerns
  • Made available 14 days of quarantine pay to all team members; even those living in states where PTO is not mandatory
  • Announced $6 million in one-time bonuses to frontline team members
  • In the critical first phase of the pandemic conducted daily executive-level calls to address emerging COVID-19 concerns
  • Upgraded use of technology to facilitate contactless trainings, communications and information sharing and increase efficiency
COVID-19 Initiatives
BrightView developed and implemented an industry-leading COVID response protocol that includes specialized PPE, social distancing and equipment sanitation.


Employee Wellness

BrightView believes in supporting the wellness of its team members and their families. BrightView provides comprehensive and flexible medical, dental, and vision benefits programs to account for the needs of its diverse workforce. Additionally, BrightView offers a variety of voluntary and supplemental benefits, as well as programs such as tuition reimbursement. BrightView also encourages its team members to participate in its 401(k) plan.

BrightView Landscapes FoundationThe BrightView Landscapes Foundation is funded by team members from across the company and is dedicated to helping fellow team members and their families recover when they face financial hardship.

  • Since 2017, BrightView has raised over $300,000 to aid its team members
  • The BrightView Landscapes Foundation has provided hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants to BrightView team members in crisis each year


    Diversity & Inclusion

    BrightView is creating a culture in which all are welcome and supported. BrightView is committed to diversifying its workforce and is investing in initiatives that provide equal opportunities to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity. BrightView expects all team members to uphold the policies and practices outlined in the Code of Conduct and Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy. BrightView does not tolerate unlawful discrimination or harassment of any kind.

    GROW Conference Meeting
    BrightView recently launched a comprehensive Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiative to assure diversity at every level of the organization.

    BrightView is actively invested in strengthening the representation and career development of women in the landscaping industry. One of BrightView’s initiatives is the creation of all-female crews to foster a community among the team members.

    Growth in Relationships + Opportunities for Women - GROW Logo
    GROW advocates for the hiring, promotion and retention of women at BrightView.

    Learn About GROW


    Caroline Weilert - Comerica Bank's Best of LA Women's Business Award
    Caroline Weilert co-founded Growth in Relationships + Opportunities for Women (GROW) at BrightView.

    In 2017, BrightView founded GROW with the mission to attract, retain, and promote women at BrightView. GROW is an employee-led resource group that provides professional development, mentorship, networking and community service programs for the women of BrightView. Since its establishment, more than 1000 women have participated in GROW programs, from regional events and webinars, to networking opportunities.

    BrightView’s national GROW leadership team works closely with the local chapters to promote programs, such as speaker series, and assists in the creation of local events to address the tailored needs of each community. BrightView is dedicated to providing GROW members with the resources they need to succeed at each stage of their career path, and regularly solicits feedback to create a robust selection of topics for newsletters, presentations and trainings.

    BrightView Recognizing & Acknowledging Veteran Opportunities (BRAVO)
    BrightView is commitment to military through BRAVO. 

    Learn About BRAVO

    BrightView founded BRAVO, or BrightView Recognizing and Acknowledging Veteran Opportunities, an employee-led advocacy program dedicated to the mentorship and advancement of the many veterans who work at BrightView, and to foster their growth in the business world as they look to settle into post-military careers. See here for more information on hiring.
    Tent Partnership for Refugees

    BrightView is a proud member of the Tent Partnership For Refugees, an organization made up of more than 200 companies worldwide.  BrightView values the new skills and experiences that refugees can bring to teams, clients and communities. 

    Through the Tent Partnership, BrightView strives to help refugees integrate more fully into their local business communities.  Learn more about BrightView’s partnership with Tent.


    Employee Training & Advancement

    BrightView University
    Tailored classes provide relevant and accessible training for all new team members.  Retraining programs ensure that veteran team members retain  necessary skills and serves to cultivate leaders at every level.

    BrightView is wholly invested in its training and leadership development programs, which are designed to help team members at every level build the skills necessary to excel at their jobs and advance their careers. From its offerings at BrightView University to its investment in leadership training programs, BrightView is committed to attracting, developing and retaining best-in-class leaders and professionals in the industry.

    BrightPath App
    BrightPath is a career path program designed to help crew-level team members grow their careers at BrightView.  Through ongoing learning and coaching, team members learn new skills on the job and then demonstrate their progress. As crew members gain new skills, they earn opportunities for recognition and promotions.  Training is available in App in English and Spanish.
    • On demand courses on management and core skills
    • Regional & Service Line based content
    • Horticulture Basics training
    • Core Business Process & Accounting Foundations curriculum