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Environments that Enhance Recovery

Make your landscape one that promotes healing, instills well-being and ensures safety for your patients, residents, staff and visitors.
Landscaping Designed for Recovery

Creating Healing Environments Nationwide

At more than 1,300 medical facilities across the country, our teams design, develop, maintain and enhance landscapes that help the healing process and enhance the physical and mental well-being of all who come to the property. Healing gardens, shaded spaces for families and patients to visit quietly, walkways that are easy to navigate and safe for the handicapped or injured—our clients rely on us for integrated, high-quality solutions that are sensitive to and support the specific needs of their institutions.

BrightView serves 60% of the country’s top 25 national, regional and local health systems, 40% of the top 25 skilled nursing facility companies, and some of the country’s most respected children’s and university teaching hospitals, behavioral health, drug treatment, and urgent care centers.

One Trusted Partner, Comprehensive Solutions

Reflect the quality of your care
Create favorable impressions among first-time and return patients, their family and visitors with grounds that always look their best and reflect the highest-quality care and attention to detail—just like your services.
Reflect Quality of Care
Promote healing and well-being
Studies show that beautiful views, green spaces, rooftop gardens and tree-filled landscapes can speed recovery and enhance mental outlook.
Promote Healing
Reduce liability and ensure safety
Our snow and ice removal services, tree care experts and storm preparation/recovery teams are on call 24/7, just like your caregivers. No matter what the weather, we ensure your walkways, parking areas and entrances remain safe and easily navigable.
Reduce Liability
Offer a serene, calm, chemical-free environment
Through flexible scheduling and use of organic products, we minimize disruptions and noise, and avoid harmful chemicals.
Serene, Calm Environments
Promote brand consistency across locations
For facilities that span the healthcare continuum, our landscape services support a consistent, pleasing brand experience.
Promote Brand Consistency

If you've ever built a house or taken on a renovation, you know to expect the unexpected.

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A Natural & Sustainable Approach to Landscapes

The How & Why of Regenerative Landscapes

Regenerative landscapes are those that restore the environment and encourage long-term sustainability, increased biodiversity and enhanced resilience.
Top Turf Conversion Project to Save Water

Smart Alternatives for Water-Thirsty Turf

Whether you're located in areas where drought has taken its toll or you're just looking to create a more sustainable landscape, replacing turf with less water-intensive alternatives is smart.
How Sustainability Can Benefit Your Landscape & Budget

How Sustainability Can Benefit Your Landscape & Your Budget

Making more sustainable choices for your landscape can have a positive impact on the environment, those who use or live on your property, your landscape crew and your budget. 

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