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Landscapes that Work for Your Business

Gain the competitive edge with an engaging and productive work environment that increases your property's value while attracting and keeping tenants and employees.
Office Landscaping Design

Adding Value Coast to Coast

Office buildings, business parks, corporate campuses, warehouses and distribution centers—at more than 14,000 locations across the country our teams are helping clients make their business property a desirable place to lease and work.

With design, construction and maintenance services, we make it easy for you to achieve a landscape that supports your employee recruiting, retention and productivity goals, enhances your customers’ experiences and upholds your brand at a single location or across many.

“The landscaping creates that first impression so critical to attracting and retaining tenants, and it’s a Class A feature that supports Class A rents. So I consider landscaping costs as an investment, not an expense.”

—Edie Scurto, General Manager, Lincoln Property Company

One Trusted Partner, Comprehensive Solutions

Drive employee recruitment and tenant acquisition
More than ever, employees are demanding an engaging, collaborative work environment and want to know that their employer is investing in their interests. Make their first impression a great one with landscaping that reflects the quality of your workplace or property.
Drive employee recruitment and tenant acquisition
Positively support your brand identity
Whether you have one location or many, having consistent, well-maintained grounds and landscape design can positively reinforce your brand.
Positively support your brand identity
Promote sustainability goals
Green roofs, low-water-use plant material, smart, cost-saving irrigation—we help you achieve sustainability, cost-effectively and aesthetically.

Sustainability Capabilities
Promote your sustainability goals
Meet regulations and enhance property value
Satisfy water management requirements with creative solutions that make the most of every drop and create long-term value.
Meet regulations and enhance property value
Reduce liability
Comprehensive snow/ice removal services and tree care experts ensure your property will be safe and open for business in all weather.
Reduce your liability
Garner Class-A rents
Rooftop gardens, outdoor dining areas, seasonal color displays and plantings that enhance, rather than hide, signage. We work strategically with you to make your property shine.
Garner Class-A rents
Make your job easier
With a proactive team that can handle all of your landscape needs, you have more time to do your job and can rest assured we will do ours.
Make your job easier

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How Sustainability Can Benefit Your Landscape & Your Budget

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