The How & Why of Regenerative Landscapes

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The How & Why of Regenerative Landscapes


A Natural, Beautiful & Sustainable
Approach to Your Landscape

You may have heard of the term, regenerative landscapes, but are they right for you? The idea is to use native plants in a way that allows them to thrive as they would in their natural environment. With the right combination of plants, your regenerative landscape can keep diseases from spreading while shutting out invasive weeds, reducing the need for pesticides and water. Read on to learn how and why you might bring regenerative landscaping to your property.


  • Strategic Approach
  • Maximize Resources
  • Comprehensive Expertise
  • Social & Environmental Responsibility


  • Design-Build
  • Develop
  • Water Management
  • Landscape
  • Maintain
  • Program Management
  • Sustainability
  • Design
  • Enhancements
  • Landscape Architecture and Planning
  • Enhance


  • Recover
  • Live
  • Work
  • Learn
  • Play
  • Refresh
  • Reflect
Regenerative landscapes are those that restore the environment and encourage long-term sustainability, increased biodiversity and enhanced resilience. A well-designed regenerative landscape can also complement your property, reduce your water and maintenance costs and create seamless, yet visually pleasing, harmony with surrounding natural open spaces.
Some of the benefits regenerative landscapes deliver include:
  • Effective erosion control
  • Reduced water consumption
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Reduced capital construction costs
  • Elimination of chemical use
  • Reduced visual impact of development
  • Better soil conditions due to the use of native plants.

Regenerative Landscape Checklist  

There are many things to consider before planting a regenerative landscape. This checklist can help you get started.
  • Work with an experienced professional. Regenerative landscapes are a science—success is achieved through using knowledgeable designers, contractors and maintenance companies.
  • Think long term. Regenerative landscapes usually take a few years to reach their peak.
  • If applicable, communicate the reasons behind planting your regenerative landscape to tenants or HOA residents. Let them know the timeline, what to expect and what benefits this landscape offers the environment.
  • Before you start, analyze the existing native landscape in your area and use the most visually pleasing plants in your regenerative landscape.
  • Contrast colors and textures and group and cluster plantings for visual impact. Again, a landscape designer can help with this.
  • Use evergreen native plantings like Baccharis along highly viewed areas.
  • Use low-growing, low-fire-fuel natives like prickly pear along high-fire fuel zones.
  • Hydroseed just prior to the rainy season.
  • When hydroseeding, pre-treat the seed to get quick germination.
  • Design single-coverage irrigation to reduce run-off and promote deep watering.
For more information, see our three-year timeline and maintenance schedule for a typical regenerative landscapes.

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