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Ask BrightView: Episode 22

Do you have palm trees in your landscape that you think may need pruning? Or perhaps you are just curious about how palms are pruned? This is the video for you as Certified Arborist Larry Martony breaks down the steps and what to look for on your palm trees.

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Video Transcription

Why should I take a soil sample of my yard?


As a certified arborist, people often ask me, "What goes into pruning a palm tree?"

Personal Protective Equipment

Once you've determined that the palm tree does need pruning, you'll want to make sure you put on all your personal protective equipment to perform the work.

Ascending the Palm

First thing you'll want to do is properly ascend the palm tree. What you're going to want to do is make sure anytime you're ascending the palm, you're working in a safe manner and that you're not using spikes to climb the palm tree as that can damage the palm.


Once the climber has ascended the palm, they are going to want to tie in and use a proper tool, like a handsaw, to actually prune the palm. Make sure to use a clean tool that has been disinfected to make sure you aren't spreading diseases from one palm to the next. Start by removing the dead, broken, and dying fronds from the palm tree, and then work on removing the fruit. There are some self-pruning palm trees, such as Kentias and King Palms, that actually do not need pruning at all. They will self-prune themselves and you basically only remove broken fronds because of a liability from those types of palms.

Clean Up

During the clean-up process, make sure to wear your personal protective equipment and to properly clean up everything. You could potentially regerminate the palms by not cleaning up the seed pods.

In conclusion, you now know the steps to properly and safely prune a palm tree.