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With nearly 800 acres of state-of-the-art growing grounds and a knowledge base that goes beyond conventional nursery operations, BrightView Tree Company is committed to being the best at growing and transporting a landscape's most valuable asset.

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Video Transcription

BrightView Tree Company

Tree Growing

ROBERT CRUDUP JR., President of BrightView Tree Company:

At BrightView Tree Company, it all starts with a mission and it's really quite simple. In all the years we've been in business, it has never really changed. It's to grow the best quality trees and to serve our clients well.


Quality trees take time to grow and it's really the little things that make the difference. It's a discipline that our team has and focusing on the things that matter.

BRAD BOWERS, Production Manager:

It's important to get the soil mix correct because the soil mix being correct promotes healthy roots; healthy roots promote healthy top growth; healthy top growth promotes a healthy tree and that's what we're trying to provide to our end users.

DAVE TEUSCHLER, Director of Horticulture:

Great root systems start with trees grown from seeds. The cool thing about this system is when we produce the trees in this way, we don't have to cut any roots when we shift this to the next size container. We foster this system completely through the nursery and that's the most important thing to having a great root system and of the success of the tree.


Over time, our nurturing changes from their early stages as a seedling. As we grow them into mature trees, their care changes as well.


So here, we're pruning Schinus molle, which is the California Pepper Tree. You'll note that there's not a lot of debris on the ground. The goal is to touch the trees lightly and give them some shape. One of the things that we find really important is when a client comes in, they never come in and say, "Wow, I want that really thin tree." They say, "Wow, look how big and full that canopy is on that tree."


As the tree matures from a seedling and we prepare it for its journey to its final destination, our mission has changed. It's for them to arrive in the same great condition as they thrived here in the nursery. A lot of attention to detail goes into that process.


We've spent a number of years growing these large specimen trees and now it's time to ship the trees to market. In doing so, the care is critical. First of all, the trees have to be thoroughly hydrated during shipment to and from market. They have to be fairly packaged so that the tree will arrive piece. Once the tree is on the truck, the last thing we need to do is put a tarp over the tree that protects the foliage from the wind.


One of our specialties is contract drawing and this is where we work far in advance of the job's installation with the owner or the architect builder to begin producing a pallet of trees that will be available, ready, and healthy at the time the job delivers. Contracts can be small for a single campus, or it can be huge, like our project with the Apple Campus - some 8,000 trees grown over eight years for a project unlike anything that has ever been done before.

Tree Moving


Another really unique and special part of our business is tree relocation preservation. We move really big trees. Most of these are one-of-a-kind and irreplaceable. Our survival rate is the key to successful moving.

SCOTT SOPER, Branch Manager:

We're moving a Quercus agrifolia, or a California live oak. This is the largest tree the company has ever moved. This is actually a 30-foot-by-30-foot box. The tree weighs approximately 700,000 pounds - it's equivalent to the weight of a jumbo jet 747.


Trees are what we do. For 67 years, we've focused on growing trees and moving trees with one mission: to be the best.