Introducing BrightView Connect: Communication at Your Fingertips


At BrightView, we believe in the power of proactive communication and the importance of keeping properties informed. That’s why we created BrightView Connect. With BrightView Connect users have the ability to access a unique community portal to submit and track service requests, view planned maintenance schedules, receive notification emails and weather alerts. 

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Benefit from a comprehensive landscape maintenance plan designed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations, all delivered by a team invested in your success.

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Introducing BrightView Connect: Communication at your Fingertips


Technology changes things, like how you drive, shop, and work. Shouldn't it change how you manage services provided at your facility? Well, it does with BrightView Connect. 

BrightView Connect links your facility directly with your BrightView landscape services team for the ultimate in communication and accountability.

"BrightView Connect allows me to understand exactly what's happening with my property's landscape in real time it saves me time and trouble I can't say enough about it."  - Facility Manager 

It all starts by logging into your BrightView Connect dashboard from any web enabled device. Here you can submit and track service requests, view your property's landscape maintenance schedule and read the latest notifications from your BrightView Account Manager. It's direct access to BrightView.

You can even log in from your phone. Snap a picture and submit a service request on-the-go and one of the best parts, service tickets are fully trackable with dedicated links that are emailed right to you. It's fast, easy and effective like great technology should be.

"I use Brightview Connect to submit and track service requests while walking our grounds. It keeps me in contact with my landscape team. I wish I had this resource a long time ago." -Facility Manager

For property and facility managers BrightView Connect saves time and trouble by making communication more efficient and more effective.

"Brightview Connect makes everything around here just run smoother, especially communicating." -Property Manager

BrightView Connect is exactly what you have come to expect from today's best technology. Easy access to the communication and accountability you need.

Brightview Connect. Communication. Perfected.