National Landscape Services

Whether we're talking landscaping in Memphis, snow removal in Schenectady or power washing in Euless, BrightView has a true national footprint with over 200 branches and 7,500 service partners. Consolidating your facilities maintenance portfolio with BrightView means cost savings and less headaches without sacrificing on quality or consistency around brand standards. As a facility manager, you gain a single point of contact and accountability, while your on-site managers retain the feel of working with a local expert.

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Ongoing Efficiencies and Spend Reduction

When you work with the largest national facilities maintenance company your portfolio improves from an operational and financial perspective. The scale of our operations allows you to leverage your spend and do more with your budget. Local Market Managers oversee each site- acting in the interests of your company - which improves visibility and financial control. The data from their visits and service reviews become incorporated into the service plan and supplies more data for your decision-making. 

Consistent, Reliable Facility Management

Our documented standard operating procedures (SOPs) build predictability and reliability into our service. We jointly develop the scope of work and you have the opportunity to review schedules and service reports and submit work orders on an ongoing basis. When the unexpected happens, such as snow and ice events, we proactively reach out to you and any on-site contracts. We ensure the exterior of your property consistently represents your brand, and sends the right message at every location, every time.

Extensive Branch Footprint and Network of Service Partners

We are where you need us to be. BrightView offers true national coverage with over 200 branches and 7,500 Service Partners. Our multifaceted, comprehensive quality assurance program ensures everyone involved with your facility services perform to a specifically defined scope. 

Increased Control. Decreased Hassle.

You'll never wonder what's going on or waste time looking for updates. BrightView uses innovative technology to proactively deliver information. Our operations center constantly communicates with field teams and aggregates real-time field updates - complete with images. Reports include Service Verification, Work Order Status and Compliance/ Satisfaction key performance indicators (KPIs). Our investment in operational and field crew technology enables you to see service updates in a timely and accurate way. 

Attractive and Accessible Exteriors

No matter how geographically dispersed your portfolio may be, we work tirelessly to ensure a consistent quality and customer experience that accurately reflects your brand. Our partnership begins with a discussion of your standards and priorities to translate them into measurable objectives for your sites. Every branch and service partner will understand your expectations, which results in attractive and accessible exteriors that set your business apart. 

National Facility Services across Industry

BrightView provides single source property maintenance for properties across the nation that span Retail, Banking, Healthcare, Grocery, Restaurant, Senior Living Communities, Hotels, Telecom, and other industries. Our services include landscape maintenance, snow and ice management, power washing, parking lot sweeping and parking lot sealing, patching and striping.