Specimen Trees—A Landscape Design Focal Point

Specimen trees provide a focal point for your landscape design. Their impact comes from a unique characteristic such as size, shape, species, rarity, form, or bark. Specimen trees can stand alone or part of a group to realize the vision of the landscape architect.

Arborist Considerations for Specimen Trees

To make the best specimen tree selection for your property, you should consider some essential facts as part of a solid landscape plan, for example:

  1. Is the tree shading plants? 
  2. Do you need a second specimen tree because of seasonal changes in the original tree you chose? 
  3. Will the climate and soil support the tree?

BrightView's International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) certified arborists have the answers to these questions. They help you select the best tree from our nursery or the nursery of your choice. We can create the landscape design, manage the transport and planting, and proactively care for these valued additions to your property.