Tree Moving Experience and Equipment

When you have a tree that needs relocating, an experienced team is essential to success. You also need a tree moving service with the proper equipment and the experts who understand the magnitude of the relocation, the post-relocation requirements, and can accurately estimate large tree transplanting costs.


Large Tree Transplanting

BrightView’s mature tree relocation team moved a 50-feet tall, 700,000- pound, 100-year-old oak tree, weighing more than a commercial aircraft, to its new home in Orange County, California.

Tree Preservation Economic Benefits

The economic benefit is clear. The investment in a mature tree may have been made several decades ago, and now the ongoing cost of caring for these treasures can be as low as $13 per year, per tree. Shading from trees also contributes to energy saving at an average of $65 per year. Added benefits include cleaner air, better-managed stormwater, extended life of streets, and higher property values. 

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