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A seamless approach to project delivery

Smarter and Faster

Leverage the advantages of design-build to improve project cost controls, speed time to completion, minimize surprises and maximize the value of each dollar spent.

Clearer Accountability
In a traditional design-bid-build scenario, a customer first retains a landscape architect to create a landscape design and then hires a landscape contractor to build it according to the design specifications. By nature, this separation of responsibilities sometimes creates conflicts and accountability issues. When you engage just one firm—BrightView—to understand and fulfill the vision of your property you get one team accountable for the timely, on-budget delivery of your exceptional project.
Clearer Design Build Landscape Accountability
Faster Time to Market
Our clients depend on us to deliver projects on time. With integrated design-build, we can accelerate project delivery by eliminating multiple bidding and RFP processes and, where it makes sense, commence installation in advance of the completion of final plans.
Faster Time to Market Design Build Landscaping
Improved Cost Control
By aligning a pre-construction/conceptual estimating team with our design team, we ensure that projects begin on budget and stay on budget. We identify potential budgetary issues early in a project’s lifecycle, frame the tradeoffs, and ensure your dollars are spent in your highest priority areas. This approach minimizes budget surprises and unwanted change orders and results in highly ‘constructible’ designs that reflect your design vision and functional requirements.
Improved Design Build Landscaping Cost Control
Reduced Administrative Burden
Let’s face it, managing one company is always easier than managing two. When you partner with BrightView, you get one company—a single point of contact—that oversees design and construction. That translates to less paperwork and fewer administrative headaches.
Reduced Design Build Administrative Burden
More Value for Each Dollar Spent
By integrating design-build with BrightView, you maximize your landscape investment. We start by understanding what’s most important to you and ensure your budget dollars go towards the things that matter most. Then we design and construct with long-term maintenance in mind, helping you manage the lifetime cost of your property.
More Value with Design Build Landscaping

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