Healthcare Facility Landscaping Experts

At more than 1,300 medical facilities across the country, our landscape design architects create a calm, inviting, outdoor space that contributes to the healing process. Our commercial landscape maintenance crews preserve natural beauty. They also keep pathways clear of snow ice and storm debris to ensure the safety for your patients, residents, staff, and visitors.

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Landscaping for Hospitals & Medical Complexes

Healing gardens, shaded spaces for families and patients to visit quietly, walkways that are easy to navigate and safe for the disabled or injured. You rely on us for landscape design solutions that consider the specific needs of your institution.

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Landscaping for Long-Term Care Communities

As an assisted living, senior care, and other long-term care living communities, you find yourself competing for customers amid increasing pressure to reduce costs.

BrightView creates vibrant, safe, and eye-catching landscapes that support your brand, differentiates you from the competition, and make a memorable first impression.

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