Multi-Location Management Services

Entrust BrightView to create a customized multi-site landscape maintenance and snow removal services contract anywhere you need us— whether it’s across a few, a dozen, hundreds or even thousands of properties.

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When you remotely manage a portfolio of 100-10,000+ locations across the U.S. your exterior landscape maintenance, snow and ice services, parking lot and overall property requirements go beyond basic maintenance needs. 

With BrightView, you have a national relationship but with local oversight. We have a vast network of more than 200 self-performing branches and 10,000+ sub-contractors. All of our team members are committed to providing cost effective, comprehensive exterior landscape management services. 

Discover new levels of dependability, quality, and safety when you entrust your brand to BrightView. Enjoy worry-free management and consistent visibility into your entire portfolio of properties.

A Multitude of Landscape Management Services, Just One Call

One of the benefits of working with BrightView is we provide all of the services you need across your entire portfolio. This includes but isn’t limited to landscape maintenance, snow removal services, and parking lot striping. And, you can manage all of these services centrally through a single point of contact. We do this by leveraging our extensive, national branch footprint and partner network of more than 10,000 vetted contractors.  

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Convenience Through Landscape Management Technology

With BrightView, you'll never wonder what's going on or waste time looking for updates. BrightView uses innovative technology to provide real-time information across your entire portfolio, no matter how many sites or service partners. 

This powerful, cloud-based dashboard makes it easy to get the reporting and updates on-demand. 

For example, want to know if a specific site has received service? When you click the site on the digital map, you will see confirmation - including pictures - when the job is complete. You will also be able to see when the next service is scheduled to occur. This is especially helpful during snow storms.

Ongoing Efficiencies and Spend Reduction

When you partner with the largest national facilities maintenance company in the USA, your portfolio improves operationally and financially. Leverage our purchasing power and investments in equipment and infrastructure to do more with your budget. 

Local Market Managers assigned to oversee each site act in the interests of your company, improving your visibility and financial control. Their quality reviews are included into the service plan, providing you with more data to improve decision making. 


Consistent, Reliable Facility Management

We make it easy. Our rigorous operating procedures build predictability and reliability into the service you receive. We jointly outline the scope of work and schedule, then routinely deliver service reports and work orders. 

When the unexpected happens, such as snow and ice events, we proactively reach out to you and any on-site contacts. We make sure the exterior of your properties remain safe and accessible and represent your brand. 


Attractive and Accessible Exteriors

No matter how geographically dispersed your portfolio, we work tirelessly to assure a consistent quality and brand experience for your customers. Our partnership begins with a discussion of your standards and priorities that translate into measurable objectives for your sites. 

Everyone on your property, whether one of BrightView’s own team members or a vetted sub-contractor, will understand your expectations. They will work together to deliver attractive and accessible exteriors that set your business apart.