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Advocacy for Veterans in Landscaping

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BrightView values those who have chosen to serve in our armed forces. These American heroes, along with their families, have unique experiences and perspectives that often mirror the core standards and values of BrightView. Like the U.S. military, BrightView is committed to excellence in everything we do.

BrightView is proud to employ many veterans in our branch locations across the country. Their success with us suggests that the landscaping industry can be a great post-military career.

BrightView Recognizing & Acknowledging Veteran Opportunities (BRAVO)
BRAVO was founded to invest in the mentorship & advancement of veterans with BrightView.

Commitment to Military through BRAVO 

To give greater form to our commitment to BrightView’s veterans, we created BRAVO. BRAVO is an employee-led advocacy program created to foster the professional growth of our veterans and support their families. BRAVO, or BrightView Recognizing and Acknowledging Veteran Opportunities, supports this important community by understanding and aiding the transition between the military and business world.

BRAVO, was founded to invest in the mentorship and advancement of veterans and foster their growth with us.  

Military Strengths Translate Well into Landscaping

Men and women in the military are trained to adapt to changing situations and quickly solve problems and the landscaping industry is no different.  Whether coordinating resources and logistics for an emergency storm response, diagnosing and treating a plant disease, or finding ways to get a large project completed on-time despite rain delays, attention to detail and the ability to make quick assessments makes all the difference. Our teams excel when they’re operating as one, which is what makes military leadership experience so important. The ability to motivate and build teams is crucial, not only for efficiency, but also for safety. Fostering trust and cohesion amongst team members ensures everyone looks out for one another.

At BrightView, we offer opportunities on a national scale, but also the support and kinship of a unit through our crews, local branches and regional teams. 

Committed to Hiring Veterans
Our teams excel when they’re operating as one. BRAVO helps set this standard.

Committed to Veteran Hiring

We proudly embrace hiring practices geared toward providing professional development and career opportunities to the military community as well as providing training to employers ready to hire military talent. From military career fairs to educational summits and everything in between, BrightView remains committed to onboarding and retaining veterans. 

BRAVO Mentorship 

We’re proud of the opportunities presented in BRAVO and the mentorship and advancement of talented individuals it brings to BrightView. 

From E-1 to 0-10 and beyond, the landscape industry has a career for everyone. Visit our military hiring page to see positions that map well with your experience

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