The Arbuckle

Flaherty and Collins
Photographer Credit
Leigh Loftus

Project Description:

The Arbuckle is a coveted mixed-use luxury apartment complex in Brownsburg, Indiana that has transformed the downtown area into a vibrant, pedestrian-friendly economic center. The Arbuckle's landscape was designed to fit the fabric of Brownsburg's historic downtown while also creating a fresh resort-style urban living paradise. Residents are surrounded by beautiful plants and greenery while enjoying a wide range of amenities including fire pits, bar and lounge areas. BrightView provided landscape plantings, soils, artificial turf, decorative gravel, and irrigation creating a beautifully landscaped interior courtyard. BrightView's artificial turf created a playful dog park for residents to congregate with fellow dog lovers. Beautiful bush and grass were placed around the fire pit, sports court, pool, and outside perimeter of the building separating the many activities the Arbuckle has to offer. Trees line every walkway to provide shade and a place to relax for residents.