West Coast
Mirage Resorts Inc.
Landscape Architect
Photographer Credit
Eric Figge

Project Description:

The Bellagio hotel and casino redefines luxury, providing visitors and guests with grand vistas, elegant detail, fine art, and sophisticated entertainment. The grounds of the hotel combine the best elements of both formal and rustic Italian-style garden design, from the formality of the pool area parterre gardens to the more rugged beauty of the lake's rocky shore plantings. Major specimen Pine trees for the Bellagio were salvaged from other properties. The Pinus halepensis (Aleppo Pines) were custom pruned to recreate the look of Italian Stone Pines, consistent with the theme of the hotel's architecture and guest experience. 

Creating the Bellagio’s extraordinary landscape required early preparations and planning. To ensure usable planting soil for the on-structure and on-grade planting areas, excavated soil from the lake was screened, processed, and amededed over a year in advance. Specimen trees were also boxed and stored early in the project, to provide focal points for the landscape. These preparations helped contribute to the success of the intricate and tightly coordinated planting operations that create the Bellagio’s immersive experience.