9 Fascinating Facts About Golf Course Maintenance

9 Fascinating Facts About Golf Course Maintenance at BrightView

DIG INTO… Golf Course Maintenance

You might be surprised to learn BrightView has been maintaining golf courses across the country for more than 40 years. In fact, we have a specialized team of golf course maintenance experts — including agronomists, operations experts, and golf course and landscape architects — all dedicated to the art and science of creating top-notch course conditions.

Go behind the scenes with these nine facts.

1. We’re like a golf course coach.

Partnering with BrightView isn’t outsourcing your golf maintenance in the traditional sense. You maintain control of your club while we focus on boosting course conditions, increasing player satisfaction, and improving your bottom line. We assume employment responsibility for the crew and superintendent, who remain onsite as your dedicated course maintenance staff. The only difference is now they’re surrounded by an extended team of experts typically beyond the reach of individual clubs.

2. We create a customized agronomic plan for every course we serve.

We conduct diagnostic testing onsite annually. Then, our agronomists use the information to develop a fertility, pest/weed control, and cultural program completely tailored to the course. No two programs are the same.

3. Our clients get a PhD agronomist on speed dial.

Our agronomic experts visit each client multiple times per year, but if something emergent pops up in the interim, our PhD agronomist Dr. Todd Bunnell is on-call 24/7.

7)	In addition to agronomic excellence, we also help clubs achieve their operational best.
In addition to agronomic excellence, we also help clubs achieve their operational best.

4. We can provide interest-free financing for capital improvements.

Yes, you read that right. In addition to helping courses plan for future capital renovations and improvements to mitigate disruption of play and the impact to budget year-over-year, we help make needed updates possible sooner by providing interest-free financing.

5. Our purchasing power also helps clubs keep more capital in their pocket.

Because we’re the largest landscape management company in the United States, we have the best purchasing power in the industry. We pass that benefit along to our clients to reduce the cost of maintenance materials and equipment. And speaking of equipment, we’re even able to purchase existing equipment from a client to use for their benefit, giving them more cash on hand.

6. Our clients can get access to the latest and greatest innovations before anyone else.

We often offer opportunities to participate in field trials for new turf varieties, fertilizer technologies, and plant protectant chemistries, giving you a competitive edge.

7. In addition to agronomic excellence, we also help clubs achieve their operational best.

We have management and operations experts on staff to assist with implementing best practices in safety, efficiency, and efficacy for day-to-day work and larger projects. We also offer administrative systems and technology that minimize paperwork and the amount of time your superintendent is stuck behind a desk. And finally, we offer ongoing training for your superintendent and crew so they can operate at their best, too.

8. Partnering with us for golf course maintenance can yield up to 10 percent annual savings. 

Our purchasing capabilities, ability to troubleshoot agronomic problems as they arise, and our proprietary work planning process all contribute to better course quality and cost-efficiency for our clients.

9. We’ve got a wide network of support that can jump in, in good times and bad. 

When natural disasters or severe weather events strike, we’re able to call upon our national footprint to bring in additional crews to help you get back on your feet sooner. And when it comes to projects that extend beyond the scope of your course — say maintenance for the HOA or landscape construction at the clubhouse — we’ve got the capabilities to handle that, too.