Agave Snout Weevil

Agave Snout Weevil: Your Landscape's Uninvited Guest

and scourge of the succulent world

Agave Assassin

The Uninvited Guest In Your Landscape

They're the scourge of the succulent world — half-inch long beetles with a serious snout problem. Meet the agave snout weevil, a tiny beetle with a big appetite and an even bigger impact on your beloved agave. This 'agave assassin' may be small, but this invasive pest has earned a spot on the "Top 100 Worst Global Invasive Species" list, and they’re rapidly spreading a reign of destruction. 

Who's Eating My Agave?

The Weevil's Deadly Cycle

Agave Snout Weevil
Agave snout weevils are tiny beetles with a big appetite and an even bigger impact on your beloved agave.

Imagine this: your agave plant, once a proud and spiky centerpiece, starts to look a bit... off. The leaves droop sadly, and there's a suspicious mushiness at the base. Enter the villain of our story — the agave snout weevil. This dastardly little beetle, with its distinctive snout, burrows into the heart of agaves to lay its eggs and spread deadly bacteria. The grubs eventually burrow into the soil to pupate or grow, emerging later as a new plague of adult agave snout weevils. Their downward-curved snouts, like needles, inject deadly bacteria straight into the agave's core as they lay their eggs of destruction.

Stop the Assassination Early

Spot the Signs

  • Wilted and Discolored: Lower fronds or leaves losing their spunk? Could be a sign.
  • Rotten at it’s Core: A foul smell and mushy base is a telltale sign of an advanced infestation.
  • Give it a Rock: If your agave wobbles with a gentle push, it's loose in the soil and time to request back-up.

The Best Defense is a Good Offense

Stop the Spread 

Rotten Agave Plant
A foul smell and mushy base is a telltale sign of an advanced infestation.

Don’t wait for the weevils to RSVP — the best defense against the agave snout weevil is a good offense.

  • Check Newly Purchased Plants: Carefully inspect new plants for signs of stowaways or hitchhikers before planting.
  • Water Wisely: Overwatering is like sending out an open invitation. Use well-draining soil to keep it dry and drama-free.
  • Insecticide Armor: Suit up your succulents seasonally with a systemic insecticide soil drench — think of it as giving the agaves some extra muscle to fight from the inside out.

Evict the Invaders

Treatment & Prevention

If you discover an infestation among your succulent ranks, act quickly.

  • Insecticide Intervention: Apply a systemic insecticide to affected and nearby plants. It’s like having reinforcements show up.
  • Remove the Ruined: Sometimes, you've just got to clear out the troublemakers. Remove severely affected plants to prevent reinfestation.

With some diligence, you can rest easy knowing your agave garden is protected from the tiny terror of the snout weevil. 

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