Water Feature Benefits for Commercial Properties

Benefits of Water Features on Your Commercial Property

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There is a natural effect on the body when it hears the sound of running water. There is a shift in the body's autonomic nervous system response. The body starts to relax. It is no wonder that people of all ages are naturally drawn to water features like fountains, waterfalls, and cascading pools. 

But how can water features benefit your commercial property?

Increase Visitors

Adding an outdoor water feature to your landscape construction project elevates the curb appeal of your property. People are naturally drawn to the aesthetics of a property. 

A prominent water feature that is visible from the road will attract more hotel guests. It will attract more retail shoppers. It will attract more restaurant diners.

When looking for a place of employment, job seekers are often more drawn to establishments with either an indoor or outdoor water design. 

Waterfall Feature at Rams Stadium
The soothing ambiance of a water feature will not only draw in people, but encourage them to stay longer.

Create a Soothing Environment

Moving water in an outdoor space has multiple benefits for a commercial property. It can help reduce noise pollution. City sounds and noise from neighboring communities can be quieted or even eradicated. Road traffic noises can be muffled creating an oasis even in the middle of a busy community.

As these outside noises are reduced or removed your visitors and tenants are left with the calming effects of running water. As they enjoy the sounds of your water feature, their heart rate will slow and their stress levels will lower. This sense of relaxation encourages your guests to stay longer. 

Increase Commercial Property Values 

When you attract more guests to your property you increase revenues. When your guests are relaxed and are enjoying themselves you have increased the chances that they will spend more in retail and restaurant spaces. 

When your guests have experienced a positive visit, they will likely frequent your property again. They will also likely share their experience with others. Repeat and increased visitors increase revenues.

A high-demand commercial property increases the overall value of the property.

Choosing the Right Landscape Construction Partner

Choosing a landscape company for any landscape design will be one of the most important decisions you make. Due to the vast number of variables that need to be considered when constructing a water feature, you will want to contract with a company that incorporates design, build, and maintenance components.

Your design and build teams should work together from the start of the design process to ensure your water feature integrates seamlessly into your project. The final product should enhance the aesthetic feel of the rest of the property. Site plans, floor plans (if building an indoor water feature), viewing angles, and acoustics will all need to be considered. 

The professionals at BrightView have been providing expert advice to clients and landscape architects on designing, planning, and executing water features since 2002. Our focus is on large-scale, complex water design projects for high-profile resorts, corporate campuses, and large-scale commercial projects. 

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