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Benefits of Winter Pruning

Don’t give your trees the cold shoulder; instead, show them some love with winter pruning

Dormant Tree Pruning
Winter can be the ideal time for pruning most trees.

With winter in full swing and the leaves all gone, you are probably not giving your trees much thought. Believe it or not, now is the time to think about tree trimming. Winter is the best time to prune. Learn why:

Winter Pruning is Less Stressful for Your Trees

Pruning during the active growing season can cause stress for your trees and can stimulate additional growth that won’t be able to harden before the temperature drops. Trees go dormant during the winter months, making it the perfect time to prune. With extra energy reserves, trees are able to heal more quickly.

Winter Pruning Yields a Better Result

Pruning when all the leaves have dropped from the tree makes it easier to view the best places to prune to maintain structural integrity. It also makes it easier to spot vulnerable areas, such as damaged or diseased branches. This makes your pruning more effective, promoting a healthier tree and mitigating risk.

Winter Pruning Limits Exposure to Pests and Diseases

Many of the pests and diseases that can often infect trees via pruning cuts are also dormant during the winter months, making it an attractive reason to consider winter pruning. For some trees, however, winter is the only time to consider pruning. Oaks are one such example because they are particularly susceptible to beetle infestations and oak wilt, an extremely destructive fungal disease.

Winter Pruning Preserves the Look of Your Property

Winter pruning helps shape your trees to grow in the manner best for your property — whether that be to avoid interfering with structures or walkways or to promote or constrain growth. Pruning your trees during the winter is also good for neighboring plant material, much of which is also dormant and less likely to be disturbed. Additionally, there’s less risk of equipment causing soil compaction thanks to firmer ground.


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