BrightView Remains Dedicated to H-2B Seasonal Guest Worker Program

H-2B Shortages Effect BrightView
As a national company with local operations, BrightView has been able to shift its employee base and relocate individuals to various markets where it faces staffing challenges.

The entire landscape services industry has felt pressure for months after the annual cap for H-2B visas was reached in record time. A significant number of employers across multiple industries fell far short of the requested complement of H-2B workers needed to help them through the height of the landscape season. The H-2B cap, set back in 1990, is insufficient to meet the staffing needs of current American businesses. Unemployment is at an all-time low, and GDP has nearly tripled since the H-2B cap was set.

For years, BrightView has dedicated resources to lobbying for H-2B visa reform, but little seems to change. So it was no surprise to us this year that the number of available H-2B visas again failed to meet demand. Luckily, BrightView received a number of H-2B visas through the lottery and was able to bring many workers from Mexico, most of whom have been returning to work for us year after year. This is an effective and much-needed complement to our domestic workforce through the busy season.

We also have continued our extensive and ongoing efforts to recruit for and hire local talent, including the very costly step of including “Now Hiring” messages on every newly rebranded BrightView truck. We have engaged in creative and broad efforts to recruit and hire domestic employees. Finally, as a national company with local operations, we have been able to shift our employee base and relocate individuals to various markets where we face staffing challenges.

In sum, BrightView has taken all steps possible to prepare for and address the now expected annual shortage of H-2B workers. We feel confident that our valued clients will not notice any change in the quality of service they have come to expect from BrightView. Of course, if ever you experience anything less than exceptional service, we hope you will let us know immediately so we can promptly address and correct. We value your business and thank you for the partnership.

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