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Jan 29, 2021 |

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If you’re in the cemetery industry, you probably know all too well that even a great landscaping team can fall short when it comes to caring for cemetery grounds. Caring for cemeteries requires specialized knowledge—from experience with cemeteries’ unique turf challenges to the attention to detail necessary when operating around tombstones and monuments. That’s why it’s important to have a specially trained team who understands the nuances of operating in the cemetery environment. Here’s how we ensure we’re a good partner.

Cemetery Landscaping Company
It’s important to have a specially trained team who understands the nuances of operating in the cemetery environment.


Simply put, experience matters. Our specialized teams are entrusted with the grounds of more than 2,000 cemeteries and funeral homes across the country. Not only do we understand how to care for these unique environments, but we do so with the industry’s best talent. We recruit from the top horticultural and landscape schools in the country, giving our clients access to a deep bench of talent in a range of specialties—including agronomy, horticulture, and water management. This means your grounds are maintained in accordance with best practices for your particular plant material.


Every crewmember on our team must complete our onboarding and certification program, which equips them with the horticultural knowledge and skills to perform quality work safely. Additional certification is required to operate our state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring the right equipment is used for the right task, reducing injuries and increasing efficiency. Plus, our industry leading safety program, which is woven into morning huddles, mandatory weekly meetings, and a recognition program, minimizes risk to keep our crews, your staff, property and visitors safe and sound.

But that’s not where the development stops. Our BrightPath program helps us attract and retain top talent by providing our crews with a clear path for career progression, coupled with comprehensive training and ongoing coaching. This ensures the familiar faces you trust continue to serve you and are rewarded for a job well done.


You need a landscape partner that can accommodate the ebb and flow of traffic to your grounds. That’s why we offer flexible scheduling and smart sequencing of services to ensure a consistently high-quality appearance delivered in the most efficient way possible.

We work closely with you to schedule service at times that won’t disrupt services or peak visiting hours. We also pay careful attention to planning for holidays or other upcoming events of significance, scheduling in the extra services needed to prepare your grounds beforehand, and restore them after. Should the scope of service for any special event require additional hands-on deck, or in the event of a storm clean-up, our national presence means we’re able to bring in crews from other areas to quickly scale-up staffing.

No matter the task, we pride ourselves on completing it in a way most efficient to your property. That’s why we design a systematic approach for executing service on your property, identifying the most effective path of motion for the work to be performed. These detailed site plans show daily, weekly, and monthly activities, enabling our crews to best focus on your priorities.

Quality Assurance

Often times we’re entrusted to care for vast amounts of land, which makes it all the more important that we remain proactive in preventing or catching issues early. Through ongoing monitoring, we’re able to enact remedies quickly and ensure your standards are consistently met. In addition to our own regular monitoring, we schedule regular job walks with you to review the condition of the property together. These touchpoints allow us to stay in lockstep with your priorities and make timely adjustments as needed.

Whether you use this article to help evaluate landscape partners for your grounds, or if you’ve landed here looking for more information on how we serve our cemetery clients, we hope this instills confidence in finding the best partner for you. After all, while the landscape maintenance of cemeteries has some important nuances, there’s one thing all landscape clients hope to receive, and that’s peace of mind.