Landscape hurricane destruction

Hurricane-Proof Landscapes: Building Resilience

The hurricane prep tips your landscape team wants you to know

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If you live in a hurricane-prone area, preparing for a storm probably feels like second nature, but even if this is not your first rodeo, it can be hard to sort the myths from the must-dos or understand the “why” behind age-old recommendations. Here is what your landscape team wants you to know.

Tree damaged hurricane
Don't take old trees for granted; even survivors need care and attention.

Make Plant Health Care a Priority

Though the name is “plant health care,” the term refers to your trees, too. What is most essential to know is that it could make a difference in your landscape’s survival.

Plant health care is a program designed to help your landscape thrive. It encompasses ensuring your landscape is receiving the nutrients it needs and protection against insects and disease. Why is this important? It’s because healthy plants and trees are better able to withstand potential damage from a storm. A plant health care program is a small cost, especially when compared to replacing wide swaths of your landscape.

Do Not Put Off Pruning

Make it a priority to have regular inspections with a certified arborist, who can advise what trees need to be pruned and when. Do not assume that because a tree is old and has “survived this long” that it does not require any attention. In fact, old trees especially deserve some TLC, not only because of their size, but also because of their value to your property.

What many people do not realize is that it is possible for the canopy of an old tree to become too heavy in extreme winds if not properly pruned. This, in turn, could cause an old specimen to uproot, creating a dangerous situation and a devastating loss.

Pre-Authorize Storm Clean-Up

In the event of a catastrophic storm, the last thing you want to do is coordinate storm clean-up response, or worse, try to find a reputable partner. Finding a partner you trust prior to hurricane season and pre-authorizing clean-up is one of the most important preparation steps you can take. When it comes to storm clean-up, many people first think about the repairs their structures will require to resume safe operation, yet for contractors to reach your property, they will first need a safe path to traverse. Pre-authorizing storm clean-up with your landscape partner ensures this happens most expeditiously, in accordance with the plan created and approved before the storm.

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