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Teams Travel to Storm-Ravaged Texas

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While millions of Texans continue thawing out from historically severe and damaging winter storms, BrightView proudly lead the charge with statewide snow clean-up. Much of what Mother Nature threw at Texas included unprecedented snow, ice, and sustained subzero temperatures. This record-breaking storm caused statewide property damage and the need for massive emergency snow removal efforts from BrightView.  

Amid deadly and frigid temperatures, much of Texas has been declared a major disaster as winter storms hit the state mid-February, impacting more than 15.1 million people. These storms left many homes and properties severely damaged. Many communities were hit with unseasonably low temperatures and often remained without power and palatable water for several days.

BrightView handed out bottled water and other essential supplies to the local communities.
BrightView members from Colorado delivered bottled water to those in need in Texas.

“While this weather is not common to Texas, BrightView is equipped to easily and quickly respond to Mother Nature,” said Jeff Herold, President, Evergreen West and Chief Operating Officer (Maintenance Services). “As the largest national snow removal company, BrightView proudly ensures availability in any impacted area.”

The storm damage in Texas shows one of the company’s unique attributes: its ability to send help from team members across the country. BrightView team members from the Rocky Mountain region volunteered their services to the Lone Star State as part of a company-wide winter storm response.

“BrightView’s J.D. Gillen, Colorado VPGM, put out a call for volunteers to help with our efforts in Texas and received numerous eager volunteers who dropped everything to help with our emergency response efforts,” said Ty Trent, BrightView Vice President of Operations, Evergreen West. “The first wave of support came thanks to the outstanding logistical efforts from Matt Donberger, BrightView’s Director of Field Fleet Operations for the Rocky Mountains, which included equipment that helped our local crew kick the snow removal into high-gear.”

The remarkable effort was only part of the BrightView contribution. While the severe conditions crippled much of the state, the team tirelessly handed out bottled water and other essential supplies to the local communities.

“This storm turned its dial to 10, so we went to an 11 with the delivery of much-needed bottled water and non-perishable food items supplied from Colorado,” Trent said. “I am proud of this inspiring display by BrightView and the team-wide effort to help our communities, customers, and each other during this crisis.”

While weather like this is often unusual for these southern states, BrightView is no stranger to these conditions and will continue to help keep communities safe with our dedicated teams standing by 24/7 when there's a possibility of bad weather. BrightView's Certified Snow Professionals know their equipment, the response plan, and your location. As the No. 1 ranked company in Snow Magazine’s annual list, there's no other company that has access to the right fleet and equipment. Learn more here.

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