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Unlocking Success: North Palm Beach Country Club's Journey

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BrightView shines as a beacon of excellence in golf course maintenance, as attested by Alan Bowman, Head Golf Professional at North Palm Beach Country Club in Florida. Since 2018, the club has been partnering with BrightView to uphold the standards of their prestigious Jack Nicklaus signature golf course.

BrightView collaboration has been particularly noteworthy during pivotal moments. One such instance occurred during a crucial grassing project, where introducing a new grass variety, Latitude 36, presented unique challenges. With BrightView's expertise, a specialized fertility program was implemented, ensuring the successful growth and maintenance of the course.

However, Mother Nature had other plans. In a single hour, the course was inundated with 7 inches of rain, resulting in the collapse of bunker faces due to the soil composition. Yet, with BrightView's prompt assistance and invaluable resources, the team swiftly rectified the damage, enabling the golf course to reopen promptly.

Alan Bowman's testimonial highlights BrightView's unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional results and providing unparalleled client support. Through their expertise and dedication, BrightView continues elevating golf course maintenance standards, ensuring optimal playing conditions and unforgettable experiences for golfers.

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Outstanding Golf Course Maintenance

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Video Transcription

My name is Alan Bowman. I'm the head golf professional at North Palm Beach Country Club. I arrived here at the end of 2018 and, together with BrightView Golf, helped maintain this tremendous Jack Nicholas signature golf course.

In 2019, we hired BrightView Golf. When they arrived, we were at the tail end of a grassing project. We had chosen a new grass called Latitude 36, which was new in the industry, and with BrightView's help, we were able to grow this golf course in as we had to have a very specialized fertility program.

Two months later, we had 7 inches of rain in one hour and all our bunker faces collapsed, more from the type of soil than the grass. BrightView was able to help us with resources to be able to put back together our bunker faces so we could get the golf course open in a very short amount of time.

BrightView and North Palm Beach Country Club have combined together to improve this golf course tremendously. Combined with the pandemic and our new Clubhouse, our business has increased and continues to increase. Today, we play 58,000 rounds of golf a year, which is about a 50-percent increase from before we hired BrightView.

My relationship with our Golf Course Superintendent is fantastic. I drive the golf course with him once a week. I talk to the regional guys once a month. I also know Mark, our Superintendent, has enormous support as he's on the phone with his regional guys. Furthermore, Dr. Todd, Director of Agronomy for BrightView, is just the biggest, most fantastic resource. He's always available, and he's always quick to provide solutions to our problems at our golf course to deal with our turf.

In 2019, upon hiring BrightView Golf to do our golf course maintenance, together we worked to create some short-term goals and long-term goals. Short-term goals were greens, fairways, and tees, and over time our long-term goals were to improve the condition of our roughs and bunkers. We have expanded our maintenance practices due to better quality of turf. Today, we're the 20th ranked community golf course in America. We continue to expand our projects and reinvest in our golf course and we could not do that without our partner, BrightView.

My favorite part working with BrightView Golf is my daily interaction with my golf course superintendent. Furthermore, it is a job, but with BrightView and Mark and the team, the favorite part really has to be our success that we've had at North Palm Beach. We have grass all over the place. We could not have done that without our partner, BrightView.

I think our future with BrightView is very strong. We've accomplished so much in five years. We do have more things we want to continue to accomplish and we can continue to build upon our past successes.

If I was a golf professional or a town or a company or a corporation in needing help on the golf course, I would strongly consider using BrightView. They bring so many resources to the plate, and I cannot imagine how we would have had so much success at North Palm Beach without our partnership with BrightView.