Parking Lot Maintenance Services

Maintain a uniform brand image with consistent landscape management across your portfolio of properties with a network of trained professionals.

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Parking Lot Maintenance

Preserving the appearance and safety of your parking lots is paramount. After all, it leaves a lasting impression with your visitors reflecting your brand image. Routine sweeping, striping, and maintenance will increase your parking lots’ lifespan. It will  prolong the like-new appearance, saving you money and frustration in both the short and long-term. 


Inspection for Prevention

BrightView’s team of experts will routinely inspect your parking lots for weakened areas, cracks, and potholes. Upon detection, the team will determine the underlying cause—poor drainage, soil erosion or shrinkage, or heavy traffic volume. By understanding the cause, we can prevent further damage, and expensive asphalt replacement or milling is mitigated.


Parking Lot Sweeping

No one likes stepping out of their car and into someone else’s trash. Regular parking lot sweeping eliminates trash and debris build up leaving your parking areas looking better. A clean parking lot also reveals the wear and tear of parking stripes, markers and numbers. It also reveals the need for repairs and resealing.

Parking Lot Striping

There is nothing like seeing bright new stripes. Besides the beauty of it, parking lot striping is a critical component of its overall function. 

BrightView and our team of experts will study the type and flow of your traffic. We will maximize the capacity of your parking areas while directing traffic in a manner that is safe and efficient. Our teams keep well educated on all state and federal regulations to ensure your parking areas are compliant.


Parking Lot Sealcoating

Finally, sealcoating will add an additional layer of protection to your parking lot. It forms a barrier between the pavement and asphalt’s biggest enemies – water, weather, and chemicals. Asphalt will break down over time when exposed to these components. Sealcoating provides a protective layer between these elements and your parking surface increasing its lifespan.