Field Design & Consulting

You have a vision of crowds roaring in a beautiful and safe athletic field. Our mission is to use our expertise to consider the big picture and all the details that make your project a success. BrightView, as the Major League Baseball field consultant, knows how to bring a professional level playing field to your facility.

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In-depth Review

To help you plan and understand the needs of your new or existing field, we make sure we understand all the demands your organization and facilities may face. Our initial consultation addresses all concerns from the type and level of tournaments, to local weather or usage conditions, to expected uses of the fields such as concerts.


Accountability through Partnership

As you build your vision and its supporting business case, you will have a partner to turn to for both advice on the project cost and timeline, who is also accountable to deliver within those terms.

Quality and Efficiency

Our engagement throughout the process with the owner and operators allows us to design, build, and maintain artificial turf or natural grass fields with quality and efficiency in mind.


Value through Expertise

Not only do you have an integrated design-build partner, but BrightView is the only firm that can bring know-how from work at the Olympics to the municipal level. BrightView’s expertise in the sports turf construction and maintenance industry provides our client valuable knowledge and solutions for the particular challenges your facility may face.

Inspiring Designs. Exceptional Execution.

For all projects, feel confident that our talented design team and collaborative process will bring solutions and ideas that are grounded in construction and maintenance realities.