Social Responsibility

From workplace safety and diversity to community engagement and philanthropy, BrightView strives to take care of its team members and the communities in which employees live and work.

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By investing in safety, training and career development programs, BrightView supports its team members and promotes a culture that is inclusive and welcoming to all. BrightView’s commitment to its communities does not only come from the top. BrightView team members take the lead by identifying opportunities to serve and volunteering their time and talent to many organizations and causes across the country.

Our People

BrightView strives to take care of all of its team members by providing a safe, inclusive and engaging work environment where the best people want to work. BrightView puts a premium on its team members’ health, safety and career development.


Our People at BrightView


BrightView is actively invested in strengthening the representation and career development of women in the landscaping industry. One of BrightView’s initiatives is the creation of all-female crews to foster a community among the team members.

In 2017, BrightView founded GROW with the mission to attract, retain, and promote women at BrightView. GROW is an employee-led resource group that provides professional development, mentorship, networking and community service programs for the women of BrightView. Since its establishment, more than 1000 women have participated in GROW programs, from regional events and webinars, to networking opportunities.

Growth in Relationships + Opportunities for Women  (GROW)
GROW advocates for the hiring, promotion and retention of women at BrightView.

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Our Communities

BrightView is deeply committed to the betterment of the communities in which its employees live and work. BrightView empowers its employees to help their neighbors, and identify opportunities where BrightView can donate time, expertise, materials and financial resources in support of just causes


Our BrightView Communities


BrightView founded BRAVO, or BrightView Recognizing and Acknowledging Veteran Opportunities, an employee-led advocacy program dedicated to the mentorship and advancement of the many veterans who work at BrightView, and to foster their growth in the business world as they look to settle into post-military careers. 

BrightView Recognizing & Acknowledging Veteran Opportunities (BRAVO)
BrightView is commitment to military through BRAVO. 

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BrightView Corporate Responsibility Reports

BrightView generates value for the communities in which we operate, as well as our customers, business partners, suppliers, team members and stockholders. Our commitment to the core principles of ESG – Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance – is a source of pride for every member of our team.