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BrightView Water Management

LEED Certification Consulting

LEED Certified by USGBCThe U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) certification is a benchmark for facilities’ energy efficiency. LEED-certified structures generally consume 25 percent less energy and emit 34 percent less CO2 than typical buildings. BrightView is proud to assist customers’ LEED certifications by supporting the Sustainable Sites credit category, which includes... 

  • Erosion Control and Water-Efficient Landscaping.  Designing landscapes to minimize runoff reduces pollution. BrightView offers xeriscaping -- landscaping that reduces the need for supplemental water from irrigation by using plants with requirements appropriate to the local climate -- which can reduce water use by 60 percent or more, as well as decreasing maintenance, waste and fertilizers. BrightView has installed xeriscapes for many years, realizing millions of gallons in water savings annually.  Additionally, BrightView experts design and construct sophisticated irrigation solutions using technology like smart controllers that minimize freshwater use while assuring healthy and vibrant landscapes.
  • Green Seal Certified ProductsBuilding Exterior and Hardscape Management.  LEED certification encourages environmentally sensitive management of hardscapes. BrightView is proud to offer an ice melt product that is Green-Seal certified.   
  • Heat Island Reduction. Heat islands occur in areas where hardscapes absorb heat and emit it back into the atmosphere, which can affect local weather patterns. The surface of a green roof tends to be 30 to 40 degrees cooler than a conventional roof during the summer, reducing the transfer of heat through roof to building interior by 72 percent. BrightView has installed thousands of square feet of green roofs, including the 17,000-square foot green roof installed for the Dell Medical School at the University of Texas. That project alone keeps more than eight pounds of nitrogen oxide, 17 pounds of sulfur dioxide, and six tons of carbon dioxide out of the environment annually.


Green Roof Initiatives
A BrightView crew member installs a green roof, one of the company's many environmentally responsible practices.


BrightView Connect and Paperless Billing

BrightView Connect & Paperless BillingBrightView Connect launched in June 2019. This application allows customers to easily communicate with their BrightView crews, saving on-site visits and miles traveled. 

BrightView encourages customers to enroll in its paperless billing program. BrightView distributes more than 170,000 electronic invoices per year, saving more than 200,000 sheets of paper.

Environmental Sustainability Highlights:

  • BrightView is one of the nation’s largest users of zero-emission commercial landscaping equipment

  • We are partnering with Indiana’s Grand Park Sports Complex to test the large-scale viability of self-directed autonomous electric lawnmowers

  • Our company adds more than $100 million worth of carbon-consuming flowers, shrubs, trees and sod to landscapes each year 

  • BrightView has been honored for helping clients conserve hundreds of millions of gallons of freshwater each year through innovative irrigation technology and design strategies

  • We have been honored for our work in designing and building green roofs, a technique that reduces energy costs and storm water runoff, as well as improving air quality


Pioneering Energy-Efficient Equipment in Landscaping

BrightView is one of the nation’s largest users of zero-emission landscaping equipment, including electric line trimmers, electric blowers and a fleet of electric mowers. Based on each mower running an average of 300 hours per year, each team of BrightView’s electric mowers eliminates emissions equal to 1,500 cars averaging 12,000 miles per year. BrightView crews maintain landscapes at some sites such as, the University of Pennsylvania, using 100 percent electric mowers.

BrightView is rolling out an advanced vehicle telematics platform to optimize the efficiency of its vehicle fleet. Idle time limiters prevent idling for more than five minutes and speed governors prevent vehicles from driving faster than 65 mph.  Vehicles are maintained to manufacturers’ specifications to assure efficient operation and daily routes for our crews are planned to maximize efficiency and reduce emissions. In 2020, BrightView hired a full-time analyst to increase its fleet’s fuel efficiency and implement a comprehensive fuel monitoring system to identify any inefficient vehicles and record miles per gallon statistics. BrightView is also exploring a pilot program to add electric vehicles to its fleet. The company has included hybrid vehicles in its fleet for many years.


BrightVIew Green Mover at University of Pennsylvania
Mowers at the University of Pennsylvania will run an average of 300 hours per year, and this will eliminate the amount of emissions equivalent to approximately 1,500 cars averaging 12,000 miles each year.