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BrightView Water Management

Environmental Commitment

Across all service lines, BrightView is committed to operating in ways that makes a positive impact on the environment we share. We work with clients across the U.S. to identify and implement sustainable designs and environmentally friendly maintenance techniques. Even our snow removal operations reflect an environmental commitment. BrightView branches in the Mid-Atlantic use an ice melt product that has earned the prestigious Green Seal Certification.  


Tree Company Overview
Trees in BrightView nurseries will consume more than 5 million of gallons of carbon over their lifetimes.  


Water Conservation 

BrightView experts design and construct sophisticated irrigation solutions using technology like smart controllers that minimize freshwater use while assuring healthy and vibrant landscapes. Where water is scarce, our designers create environments that rely on hardy native plants and other drought-tolerant elements that consume little or no supplemental water.

BrightView Helps Oracle with Water Convervation


Environmental Sustainability Highlights:

  • The trees grown in our nurseries will consume more than 5 million tons of carbon over their lifetimes  

  • BrightView is the nation’s largest purchaser of zero-emission commercial landscaping equipment

  • We are partnering with Indiana’s Grand Park Sports Complex to test the large-scale viability of self-directed autonomous electric lawnmowers

  • Our company adds more than $100 million worth of carbon-consuming flowers, shrubs, trees and sod to landscapes each year 

  • BrightView has been honored for helping clients conserve hundreds of millions of gallons of freshwater each year through innovative irrigation technology and design strategies

  • We have been honored for our work in designing and building green roofs, a technique that reduces energy costs and storm water runoff, as well as improving air quality


Carbon Emissions  

BrightView is a pioneer in the use of zero-emission, low-noise electric equipment. BrightView crews maintain landscapes at sites like the University of Pennsylvania and Independence National Historical Park using electric equipment. Conventional gas-powered equipment is maintained to manufacturers’ specifications to assure efficient operation and daily routes for our crews are planned to maximize efficiency and reduce emissions. 

BrightVIew Green Mover at University of Pennsylvania
Mowers at the University of Pennsylvania will run an average of 300 hours per year, and this will eliminate the amount of emissions equivalent to approximately 1,500 cars averaging 12,000 miles each year.