Commercial Landscape Design for Offices

Successful businesses want to project a professional image to their clients and visitors. Attract Class-A tenants with professional landscape design for commercial buildings.

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Commercial Landscaping—Attract and Retain Class-A Tenants

Class-A tenants expect professionally managed and maintained commercial landscape design for their building. Rooftop gardens, outdoor dining areas, and seasonal color displays and plantings that enhance signage create a positive, professional impression. A beautiful office landscape design not only enhances curb appeal but can influence a tenant’s decision to move in and stay for many years.


Landscape Design Increases Water Usage Efficiency

According to the EPA, commercial building landscaping accounts for 22 percent of water usage in commercial and institutional facilities. A landscape design that uses drought-tolerant plants and mulch and incorporates a well-maintained subsurface irrigation system can increase water efficiency and cost savings.

Reduce Liability Using Landscape Design and Maintenance

Commercial landscape design and maintenance can play a key role in limiting risk on commercial property. A carefully crafted office landscape design takes into consideration traffic flow and visibility. Office landscape maintenance keeps pedestrians safe by clearing dead tree branches and debris on walking paths, as well as snow and ice in parking lots and sidewalks throughout the winter.