Resort & Hotel Landscape Design

Hotel landscape architecture transforms properties into destinations that attract guests year-round. Pristine grounds, poolside area, and championship golf courses rely on professional landscape design and maintenance.

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Hotel Landscaping Increases Occupancy

Over 70 percent of guests list landscape design in the top 10 reasons for choosing a resort. With online booking sites and reviews, it’s even more critical that a resort landscape attracts prospective guests. Even subtle changes in a hotel’s landscaping can have a significant impact on guests’ selection. Making sure your resort stands apart for the competition can stabilize occupancy rates and revenues throughout the year.


Brand Awareness through Landscape Design

An impactful hospitality landscape design, for a single property or portfolio of properties, builds brand equity. Maintaining your image over time gives guests a consistent experience that attract repeat guests. Landscape design architecture builds long-term value, whether you are improving an existing property or building a new one.

Maintain Hotel Landscapes for Guest Safety

Keep hotel and resort landscapes free of hazards and ensure the safety of your guests during their stay.

BrightView’s landscape maintenance teams remove weak tree limbs, storm debris, and hazardous snow and ice as part of their routine maintenance program.