Landscaping for Residential Communities

Homeowner Associations use BrightView to create and maintain beautiful landscapes that appeal to both current and prospective residents. Landscape design enhances the exterior look of single-family homes, townhomes, and condominiums. Maintenance of walkways, green spaces, and gardens, is a crucial part of maintaining your brand.

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Cost-effective Landscaping

BrightView’s experience in community landscape design and maintenance has led to the development of highly refined processes and operating efficiencies that directly impact costs. Residential communities enjoy the benefits derived from our use of best practices in water management, including planting drought-tolerant plants, and irrigation services. Let us help you keep your HOA dues low. 


Offer Peace and Quiet

A beautiful landscape design that features walkways, gardens, areas for quiet reflection, and open common areas, provide added value to residents. In addition, and to maintain the air of calm, BrightView crews will work with the HOA to schedule maintenance such as mowing, edging and blowing for completion at the least disruptive times of the day.


Enhance Property Values with Beautiful Landscaping

Vibrant and pristine landscaping attracts realtors and their prospective homeowners to your community. External appearance, or "curb appeal" increases property values and protects homeowners’ investment. BrightView’s landscape professionals will maintain the landscaping, walkways and parking areas for your townhouse and single-family home communities.

Community Landscaping furthers Sustainability Goals

Integrating responsible practices such as composting and choosing native plants into residential community design ensures a healthy environment for years to come. BrightView specialists can assess irrigation systems for effective and efficient watering to improve plant health and reduce water needs.


Reduce Liability Exposure

Townhome and single-family residence landscapes also include walkways and parking lots. In inclement weather, downed branches, snow and ice become hazards. BrightView’s responsive snow and ice management services ensure common area sidewalks and roadways are cleared, reducing your association’s liability exposure. Proactive, expert tree care and maintenance services will reduce the risk of falling trees and limbs due to snow, ice or violent summer storms.