Landscaping for Big Box Retailers

BrightView has an unrivaled national footprint. We provide facilities managers with 24/7 support, transparent service tracking data, and a dedicated account manager who understands your business needs. As the largest professional landscaping company in America, we guarantee the completion of all scheduled services.

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Mitigate Risk - Slip & Fall, Collision

With the volume of traffic in chain store parking lots and walkways, keeping customers and employees safe is paramount. 

BrightView's winter programs keep parking lots and sidewalks clear of snow and ice. And year-round, we remove storm debris. Bushes, trees, and shrubs are all carefully trimmed to maintain clear visibility for traffic and pedestrians. 

Our crews are your eyes and ears on the ground - we will proactively handle areas of potential risk and let you know if there is anything else you need to consider. 


Transparency and Quality Guaranteed

Our centralized system gives you the confidence that all services are completed as expected. Using a proprietary smartphone app, each visit is recorded with pictures, times, descriptions, and key performance indicators accessible via your client portal. 

Our service is guaranteed. And on the rare occasion, usually beyond our control, a hiccup should occur - we will take care of it at our expense.


Keeping Big Box Stores Open and Accessible

Customers expect chain stores, department stores, and even specialty stores to be open and accessible no matter the weather. Our maintenance crews are there to keep the landscaping looking sharp - and just as important, they help mitigate risk by keeping parking lots clear of debris, snow and ice and pedestrians safe year round. 

Local Service - National Coverage

With over 20,000 employees, 200 branch locations in 31 states, and a network of over 7,500 highly vetted subcontractors, we have an unrivaled national footprint that matches the big box chain stores, warehouse clubs/stores, and hypermarkets. 

Our organization is fully equipped and has experienced local landscaping experts to keep your property clean and ensure your trees and grass thrive in the diverse environments and weather conditions across each region. 


Cost Control and Management

Cost control and predictable budgets, as well as simplified pricing models, are an integral part in bringing your landscaping services under BrightView's consolidated landscape management program. 

A dedicated national account manager, who understands your goals and individual location needs, is your single point of contact. Should you need to make program adjustments, one simple call or email from you and we'll take care of the rest.