Landscaping for Retail Banks and Financial Institutions

With a national footprint and the experience of working with many of the top US banks across America, we have the expertise, equipment, teams, and technology to help facilities managers retain control.

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Retail Banking Exterior Landscapers

Trusted Brand Identity Starts on the Outside

Retail banks, credit unions and other financial institutions rely heavily on their brand identity to convey trust. At branch locations, reinforcing your trusted brand starts on the outside - with clean and tidy landscaping, sidewalks and parking lots - projecting a consistent image across all locations. 

How that happens, consistently and reliably, is where BrightView excels. With a national footprint and the experience of working with many of the top retail banking institutions, investment banks, insurance firms and brokerage firms across America, we have the expertise, equipment, teams, and technology to help property portfolio managers retain control. 


Technology and Guaranteed Quality Assurance 

Using a proprietary smartphone app, our operations center receives real-time updates from our teams on the ground. With pictures, times, descriptions, and key performance indicators you have clear visibility into the service completed during each visit. 

On the rare occasion a hiccup should occur - we will take care of it, at our expense, guaranteed. 

You will have 24/7 access to support, real-time data and a single point of contact who understands your business needs, backed by a guarantee from the largest professional landscaping company in America. 


Keeping Retail Banking Branches Beautiful 

From trees, shrubs, flower beds and lawn care to hardscaping we will design and maintain your landscaping to be beautiful, sustainable and cost-effective. Parking lots and sidewalks will be clean and clear of debris. 

Winter services promptly clear snow and ice to keep your branches safely open for business. 

Savings and loan, pension funds and financial advice are the core services for banks and credit unions. Ours is making your landscaping and property management easier- let's do more together. 

National Footprint With Local Support

From your corporate headquarters and offices to your entire branch network, BrightView is uniquely structured to manage the landscaping needs of your entire property portfolio. 

With over 19,000 employees, 200 branch locations from Boston to Santa Monica and a network of over 7,500 highly vetted subcontractors we have an unrivaled national footprint to cover retail banking locations, credit unions and other financial institutions across America. 

Our organization is fully equipped and has trained local landscaping experts to make your landscaping thrive in the different environmental conditions where ever they are. 

We provide a dedicated national account manager, as a single point of contact, who understands your overall property portfolio goals and individual location needs. When you need to make program adjustments, all it takes is one simple call or email from you and we'll handle the rest.


Risk Mitigation- On Property Safety

On-site safety is paramount. Keep customers and employees safe throughout the year with timely removal of snow and ice in the winter, and pruning of bushes, trees, and shrubs to keep them looking vibrant while ensuring they do not restrict visibility for traffic or pedestrians. 

With a regular maintenance program and the expertise of our crews, we will proactively handle areas of potential risk and let you know if there is anything else you need to consider. 


Sustainability and Budgeting 

Predictable budgeting, cost savings, and simplified pricing are all benefits of consolidating your landscaping services under BrightView's centralized landscape management program. 

Our sustainable landscaping options are designed to create the right customer atmosphere at the lowest cost - using resilient plantings with low irrigation requirements.