Landscaping for Lifestyle Centers & Mixed-Use

Great merchandising extends outside your shop doors. Create a safe and vibrant environment that attracts shoppers to an enriching shopping experience, increases sales for retailers and positively promotes your overall property.

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Increase Revenue

Retail outlets thrive on traffic volume and repeat customers. A greener, welcoming retail space increases visit duration and dollars spent by as much as 25%, which in turn helps boost store occupancy rates for property owners. 

At BrightView, we work to help you to realize your business objectives by creating a well designed, constructed and maintained retail environment that entices shoppers to return again and again. 


Ensure Brand Consistency Across Your Property Portfolio

At one location or across many, we help you stand out by creating a consistent, eye-catching, environment that positively conveys your brand. Strong branding attracts the right residential owners/tenants and retail businesses that creates an enjoyable atmosphere and sets your properties apart. 

Increase Safety for Retail Store Visitors and Residents

Reduce risk and liability with BrightView's proactive monitoring of potential hazards, quick response and vigilant tree care. 24/7 snow and ice removal ensure your property will remain safe and open for business in the toughest of conditions. 


Conserve Resources and Property Management Expenses 

With attractive, low-water plants, smart irrigation system technology, and strategic planting of flowers, shrubs and trees, we can help you reduce costs while maintaining the curb appeal and sustainability of your mixed use properties.


Retail Space-Design and Maintenance Services

As landscaping professionals, we take pride providing you with the best possible