Landscaping for Shopping Malls

Customer are attracted by clean, crisp appearance, floral displays, and safe high traffic areas. Our approach is the perfect complement to your window displays and signage, creating an environment that your customers will love interacting with.

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Increase Curb Appeal and Drive Traffic

Shopping malls across North America are competing with other retail shops and the convenience of online shopping by creating an exceptional brand experience. An experience that attracts visitors and increases the time (and money) spent at the stores and food courts. 

Landscape maintenance is essential to creating the right atmosphere to both compliment and sustain the retail businesses at your shopping center - join the growing number of shopping malls that rely on our expertise and have BrightView as their trusted partner. 


Flexible Scheduling for Landscape Maintenance

Operating with your retail business objectives in mind, we offer flexible scheduling so that landscape maintenance crews work at off-peak hours. 


Special Event Maintenance

When you schedule an event, we are there to help prepare your landscape for the crowds to come and then make any post-event repairs that result from the heavy foot traffic. 

Eye-catching Designs and Seasonal Displays

At BrightView, we go far beyond flower plantings, trees and turf maintenance. Our teams use creative designs and colorful seasonal landscaping displays to enhance the decorations and storefront displays that are key to retail businesses. We make your shopping mall an enjoyable and exciting place to visit year-round. 


Attention to Cleanliness and Site Safety Issues

A property that attracts large crowds requires a meticulous eye to ensure it remains clean and safe. We take a proactive approach, by clearing debris, snow and ice to prevent slip and fall accidents, and by trimming shrubs that could obscure visibility in busy parking lots. And if we see anything else that is of concern we will bring them to your attention. 


Creative Landscaping Solutions for Shopping Malls

Our goal is to make shopping mall property management a breeze by forming a partnership based on our expertise and your feedback. Our sustainable designs provide resilient, cost-effective property enhancements, supported by subject matter experts in landscape maintenance.