Cisco Systems

West Coast
Cisco Systems
Landscape Architect
Guzzardo & Associates Inc.
Photographer Credit
Jay Graham

Project Description: 

For Cisco, green is a way of life. BrightView has been leading the way to incorporate sustainable plant materials and smarter use of water resources on its 98-acre corporate campus. Although the Cisco property is lushly landscaped, the company uses advanced water technologies and renewable resources to help achieve water and energy efficiency standards. 

Landscape Maintenance:

BrightView has supported Cisco in meeting their environmental objectives by: 

Switching from an overhead irrigation system to a more efficient drip program and installing smart ET-controllers that measure precipitation and adjust automatic systems
Reducing stormwater runoff and irrigating with reclaimed water
Reducing plant density and turf areas and phasing out flower beds in favor of plants that require less water
Retrofitting the landscape with drought-tolerant native and wild plant materials that reduce the use of natural resources and decrease the amount of maintenance required
Optimizing the health of 5,000 trees as part of a comprehensive landscape asset management plan
Maintaining horticultural cohesiveness between campus buildings and using pruning techniques that highlight the natural beauty of each plant
Implementing a zero tolerance policy for chemical runoff to adjacent habitat areas
Reducing green waste and recycling all tree trimming byproducts as mulch

The Bay Area has long defined itself as a center for innovation, technology, and progressive thinking. It’s no surprise Cisco has taken extraordinary strides to consider the impact their campuses have on the environment and to trust BrightView as a partner to further their green goals.