Kennecott Land
Kennecott Land’s Sustainable Partner of the Year Award 2007 
Photographer Credit
Jay Graham

Project Description:

Just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah lies the 4,200-acre master-planned community, Daybreak. A sustainable, LEED®-certified community, Daybreak combines family-friendly designs with lush green landscapes.  Daybreak is the epitome of environmental responsibility, intended to show residents just how beautiful landscapes can be with minimal irrigation, recycled materials and sustainable installation practices.

Landscape Development:

BrightView installed the extraordinary landscape at Daybreak.  Working in conjunction with local suppliers and faculty from BrightView donated a portion of materials to Daybreak for the construction of a Sustainable Development Sod Test Project. 
High-efficiency drip irrigation systems and state-of-the-art wastewater systems were installed in the community, all designed to apply and efficiently monitor water use.  BrightView used locally-available soil amendments created from processed sewage sludge and recycled organic wood chips and green waste.  The paved trails were constructed with aggregate materials crushed and screened onsite.


BrightView was designed by landscape architect and award-winning urban developer, Peter Calthorpe and built by BrightView. The design-build team worked directly for the developer, Kennecott Land Residential Development for this multi-phase job. This project is an example of how BrightView can enter into design-build relationships with third-party landscape architects and still deliver the benefits of the model’s delivery system.