Enhancing Patient Comfort: 4 Landscape Solutions

4 Ways to Make Patients More Comfortable Through Landscape

Discover how landscaping can transform your healthcare facility

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If your healthcare facility’s landscape feels sterile, these tips are for you. The landscape is an easy way to reduce stress for your employees, patients, and their families. And, because it’s one of the first things people experience upon entering your property, the landscape can set a positive tone for the remainder of their experience onsite.

Ready to give your landscape a shot in the arm? Check out our top tips.

Diverse healthcare landscapes, from playful playgrounds to calming gardens, offer enriching experiences for all ages, enhancing patient satisfaction.

Create Outdoor “Rooms”

Experiential landscape spaces provide a welcome distraction in healthcare and can take many forms, from soothing to energizing. A playground or interactive garden gives young visitors a fun diversion. For adults, sculpture gardens, vegetable gardens, or a specially-designed therapeutic garden can become enriching features and a point of patient satisfaction.

That said, you don’t have to “go big” to make a significant impact. Adding alcoves with benches or patios with tables and chairs certainly won’t go unnoticed. Even carving out an area for outdoor yoga practice and classes — requiring little to no furniture at all — is a distinguishing feature.

Soothe with Water

Outdoor fountains create a pleasing sight and sounds that ease anxiety. Today, there are several ways to install an outdoor fountain with sustainability in mind, including using non-potable water sources, such as captured rainwater. You can also recirculate water and utilize chemical-free water sanitization for the greenest options possible.

Counteract the Concrete Jungle

Hospitals and healthcare facilities are often built with a sizable amount of concrete, which can read as hard, sterile, and, depending on the climate, hot. Soften the edges by adding large container plantings. The touch of greenery helps reduce glare, adds color, and draws the eye to important landmarks, such as pathways, signage, and entrances. Plus, adding multiple containers is an additional opportunity to create visual interest through pattern and repetition. 

Transform hospital exteriors with lush container plants, softening concrete surroundings, reducing glare, and enhancing visual appeal

Make a “Tremendous” Difference

Trees can be transformative — creating an attractive focal point, providing shade, and reducing energy costs. Adding trees to sparse areas of your landscape provides shade and improves patients’ views.

If your facility already has excellent tree cover, remember that staying current on your tree care can also make a “tremendous” difference. Regular pruning doesn’t just promote a more attractive appearance, but opens dense canopies to let in light and reduce wind resistance (important for mitigating risk). Plus, fertilization and regular inspections by a certified arborist prevent larger problems, helping your trees grow to their fullest potential and creating the lushest views.

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