July is Smart Irrigation Month

Are you making smart choices with your irrigation system?

July is Smart Irrigation Month
BrightView's experts can help with irrigation analysis, are up-to-date on the latest irrigation technology, and assist with sustainable enhancements.

July is the perfect time to take stock of your water use and see what changes can save you time and money. Smart Irrigation Month promotes the social, economic, and environmental benefits of efficient irrigation techniques in your landscapes. Led by the Irrigation Association, Smart Irrigation Month gives you the opportunity to make real changes to your water use that can positively affect the environment and your bottom line.

BrightView can help.

Irrigation Analysis 

Finding out how your irrigation system is performing will allow you to make strategic decisions when investing in upgrades. Our irrigation professionals will review your water bills, explain water use vs. actual plant needs, and present options for improvement. This gives you the opportunity to weigh costs against future savings so you can make decisions that directly impact your bottom line.

Smart Technology

Irrigation technology is changing at a rapid pace. Sometimes upgrades to your current system can produce real savings and healthier plants. Our water management experts are apprised of the latest technology as it comes to market and can make recommendations for you based on what is proven to be effective. From high efficiency nozzles to drip conversions and smart controllers, get professional advice on the options that are right for you.

Sustainable Enhancements

Keep your plants healthy long-term while saving water. By converting turf to low-water-use plants, adding sustainable enhancements, and hydro-zoning, you can count on some significant savings. Our teams can design a water-wise enhancement that fits the aesthetic you are looking for, whether it's a large- or small-scale project.

July is Smart Irrigation Month


Water Management Made Easy

Make it easy to find the water-saving solutions that are right for your property and budget. Plus, get professional advice on ways to reduce waste, recoup costs through savings, and take advantage of rebates where available.