5 Easy Landscape Wins from Account Managers

BrightView Account Managers tour sites daily and work with facility management to create actionable recommendations

Account Managers - they're the experts leading crews on customer properties daily, overseeing site operations and remaining in communication with local property management. Our customers depend on Account Managers to asses a site's landscape needs and provide actionable recommendations. We've cultivated their top tips for landscape vitality: 

"Water is key! Water is the most important factor for flower success. Budget for weekly watering and monthly fertilization for optimal results."
- Jessica Bahorich, Account Manager
"With the recent development of the nutsedge epidemic and the perennial problem with crabgrass, not to mention all of our broadleaf weeds, a good turf management program has become essential to keeping a property or community looking its best. Even a well-maintained and crisply-trimmed lawn will look bad very quickly if it's not properly managed for weed infestations. The No. 1 aspect of good curb appeal is nice, neat, green grass."

- Jim Calland, Account Manager

"We believe that communication is key to the success of our partnership. As Account Managers, we love to hear your feedback and we want to hear about your specific landscape challenges as they arise. In turn, we are committed to providing you updates and recommendations on a consistent basis."

- Derek Carroll, Associate Account Manager

"As with all things, there are both advantages and disadvantages of fall planting’s. They are great for a healthy, sustainable plant, but can also have some disadvantages with certain plants, such as loropetelums, that aren’t hearty enough to survive heavy winter damage. As Account Managers, we look at your site-specific makeup and will work with you to determine a fall planting schedule that is in the best interest of your property and your landscape."

- James Roberson, Account Manager

"Trees are typically the biggest contributor to the look of a landscape and the most expensive item to replace. They are often overlooked because people are too busy looking forward rather than up."

- Charles Cathcart, Senior Account Manager