Quality Standards of Excellence

The 7 Quality Standards for an Excellent Landscape

Best Practices and Standards of Landscape Maintenance


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You know a great landscape when you see it. But what exactly makes it excel? No matter the property, region, or style of your property, there are 7 things all great landscapes have in common. Those 7 things comprise our Standards of Excellence. 

The BrightView Standards of Excellence promote best practices in landscape maintenance and set a high bar for every property we serve. Our team members participate in strict quality standards and continuous improvement training to ensure you receive consistently excellent results, whether you have one site or many. 

What are the 7 Standards of Excellence? Let’s break it down:

1. Site Cleanliness

Whether its landscape clippings, litter, or debris from a storm, it has no place on your property. Our first standard of excellence requires consistent cleanliness to uphold your curb appeal.

2. Weed Free

Weeds don’t just detract from the appearance of your landscape; they also divert resources from desirable plant material. This standard ensures a manicured landscape that reflects the pride you (and we) take in the maintenance of your property.

3. Green Turf

A healthy, lush lawn is incredibly inviting. Yet the inverse-- stressed, dried out turf-- is anything but. Not only does dead grass cause a mess as it tracks into surrounding buildings, but it can also make your turf more susceptible to diseases and pests that could cause larger problems down the line.

Landscape Standards of Excellence
Crisp edges, spectacular flowers, and overall cleanliness are just a few of BrightView's high bar for quality. 

4. Crisp Edge Beds

More than just an issue of appearance, overgrown beds can cause visibility issues, harbor pests, and create safety problems.

Thoughtful pruning keeps plant material in check and within the intended bounds.

5. Spectacular Flowers

Bright bursts of color add contrast and draw attention to your property. We evaluate all displays for quality of design, execution and adherence to your brand standards.

6. Uniformly Mulched Beds

Mulch goes hand-in-hand with many of the other objectives above. It prevents weeds, provides a finished look to ornamental beds, and helps regulate soil temperature to maintain favorable growing conditions for those aforementioned “spectacular flowers.”

7. Neatly Pruned Trees & Shrubs

This standard also relates to appearance and safety. Keeping trees and shrubs tidy is important for risk management. Not only is overgrowth unsightly, but it can block pathways, reduce visibility and create dangerous wind shear. What’s more, dead or diseased branches could fall and injure a person or property, making regular pruning all the more important.

Every property we serve is evaluated against these standards, providing clear expectations for our clients and a dependable, cohesive result. However, we don’t just set the standards; we also have a process for ensuring we’re meeting or exceeding them. That process is our Quality Site Assessments, a regular check-in to discuss our progress as well as your feedback and goals. 

So, don’t be shy about having high standards. We do, too. When you partner with BrightView, we’ll give you lots of reasons to feel confident in your landscape maintenance; not the least of which are the seven reasons above.