7 Tips for Getting a Landscaping Job

7 Tips for Landing a Landscaping Job

The Landscape Industry is Hiring. Here’s How to Get Your Application Noticed.

If you’re looking for a career with a wealth of opportunities, look no further than the landscape industry. As an essential service, landscape professionals are in constant demand, translating to an abundance of steady work and good income. Get your foot in the door with these tips:

1. Follow Your Passion

Show your passion for the landscape industry
Focus your job search in the areas you are most passionate.

The landscape industry contains many specialties; chances are, one will align with your experience or interests. More than just landscape maintenance, there are also opportunities in landscape construction, water management, and supervisory roles. Consider your strengths and what you enjoy most, then focus your search in those areas.

For example, if you have masonry or carpentry experience, or are qualified to operate heavy machinery, consider broadening your search to include landscape construction jobs as well. Do you have a spray technician or irrigation certification? Or do you have experience as a crew leader? Some jobs request these qualifications specifically, often in the job title itself. When you have specialized experience, be sure to include those keywords in your search so you don’t miss out.

2. Use Keywords to Sell Yourself

When applying online, it’s likely your application will first pass through a software application that screens for keywords and phrases relevant to the role for which you’ve applied. For this reason, it’s important to be thorough about your experience. Make it obvious why you are the one for the job. Scan the job listing’s requirements and call out all the areas in which you match up. And, if you’re submitting a resume, be sure to adjust it so those skills are featured in a way that makes them hard to miss.

3. Follow-Up

Remember the saying, “If you really want something, you have to work for it?” The same can be said for job hunting. Don’t limit yourself to online applications only. If a position really interests you, let the company know. Pick-up the phone and follow-up. Or, visit the local branch so you can make a face-to-face connection with the team. Not only does it demonstrate initiative, it shows you’re passionate about the job.

4. Network Your Way In

There’s arguably nothing more powerful in a job search than the almighty referral. Getting a recommendation from an existing employee is a highly effective way to ensure your application is seen by the right set of eyes. Even if you don’t currently know someone who works for the company you’re interested in, you can still make networking work for you. As mentioned in the tip above, drop-by and introduce yourself. Apply in-person. Or, use online networks like LinkedIn to connect with decisionmakers or peers. Even if there’s not a role available for you at the moment, establishing a relationship will keep you on the radar.

5. Be Yourself

Recruiters receive hundreds of applications and it can be easy to get lost in the crowd. Yes, it’s important to be professional; but it’s also just as important to be yourself. For example, don’t be afraid to share a personal anecdote during the interview that illustrates why you’re passionate about being part of the company. These genuine moments are far more memorable than a rehearsed answer.

6. Gratitude Goes a Long Way

When you interview, you’re aiming to make a lasting impression. Thank you notes help achieve that goal. Write one to every person you interview with. Handwritten are best, but email is fine too if time is of the essence. The notes don’t have to be long, but they should feel personal and unique to each person. Thank you notes can also be a valuable opportunity to clarify or reinforce something you said in your interview.

7. Focus on What You Can Offer

Finally, stay focused on communicating what you can bring to the table. As mentioned in our first tip, if you have special certifications or experience, those can be a huge benefit to the company. Sure, there are probably many things you hope to gain from joining their team, but remember—they want to know that they can gain from hiring you. Sell your strengths, and it’ll be a win-win for everyone.

There you have it: our 7 tips for acing your job search. If you’re feeling inspired, put them to use now. Browse our open positions. Your next great opportunity in the landscape industry could be just a click away.

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