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Attract Top Talent with Outdoor Workspace

Put your landscape to work by creating outdoor spaces employees will love


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Gone are the days of lifeless office spaces with fluorescent lighting and beige cubicles. Today’s employees are changing the landscape of corporate campuses and office parks, seeking workspaces which feature green views prominently. They might be on to something. According to the International WELL Building Institute (IWBITM), workplace design that incorporates views into nature “can significantly impact health, satisfaction, wellbeing, and staff productivity.”

Why not give workers more than a view into nature? Why not give them spaces where they can be in nature? From meeting spaces that provide a change of scenery to quiet spaces to relax and unwind, here are some of the best ways to enhance your outdoor environment and attract top talent.

Ask Around

Outdoor space for employees
Employees are seeking more than the ordinary office building.

Find out how your employees or tenants would like to use the space. What’s on their wish list? Do they desire an outdoor environment that minimizes distractions, providing a private reprieve to concentrate?  Or, would they like an environment that promotes socialization and provides a change of scenery and sunshine during breaks and lunches?  Conduct a poll to guide your investment.

Look to the Future

Attracting and retaining top talent, or bringing in marquee name employers to your office park requires differentiating your brand from the competition. Millennials are shaping a new expectation for office environments, looking for more open spaces that encourage collaboration. According to Building Design & Construction, Millennials are attracted to offices that value sustainability and wellbeing and have integrated it into the office design, including outdoor break areas.

So, how do you tap into this? Consider the following options:

  • Green Roof: Green roofs absorb heat and act as insulation, increasing your energy efficiency. Plus, they provide a great view and an opportunity for some greenery in an urban environment.

  • Butterfly or Pollinator Garden: You don’t need a ton of space to create a butterfly garden and it’s an easy enhancement to your existing landscape. Your landscape partner can help you select plants that will create the perfect habitat.

  • Vegetable Garden: Invite employees to help tend the garden and select what you’ll grow. Getting their hands dirty will help relieve stress. Plus, the garden will generate an endless supply of healthy food everyone can enjoy.

  •  Green Wall or Vertical Garden: Limited on outdoor space? Bring nature indoors with a green wall or vertical garden. It will provide show-stopping, architectural interest and create a space that enhances creativity.

Provide Shade

Finally, don’t forget to add shade to your outdoor spaces to ensure employees can enjoy them year-round. Shade sails are an easy option. Made from heavy duty outdoor fabric, they can stay up the entire year, except for when it snows. Alternatively, you might consider installing a gazebo or pergola for a more permanent option.