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Buy Your Landscape a Drink

Summertime is the right time to consider supplemental watering

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With temperatures rising, you might be paying closer attention to your water intake. However, you’re not the only one who might need an extra drink of water. Your landscape could benefit, too.

A Quick Science Lesson 

To stay cool, plants will draw more water from the soil and will need a steady supply of water to replenish the moisture lost.

Just as we sweat more during the summer, plants experience an increase in transpiration. In an effort to stay cool, plants draw more water from the soil. As water vapor escapes from the pores of the plant’s leaves, stems, and flowers, it carries away heat. In order to maintain this process (and the health of your landscape), you’ll need to ensure a steady supply of water to replenish the moisture lost. Yet, if some or all of your landscape is not irrigated, or if you have sections of your landscape with greater water needs, this can pose a problem. This is where a seasonal watering service can help.

Bring on the Water

During seasonal watering service, your landscape crew will bring their water truck and trailer to your property and hand water the agreed upon areas of your landscape. When performed on a regular schedule throughout the summer months, your landscape will attain consistent soil moisture levels that help plants survive the extreme weather and better resist disease and pests. Here are more reasons to consider supplemental watering:

Keep Your Seasonal Color Colorful

Seasonal color displays are designed to make a statement, yet, “Help! I’m thirsty!” probably wasn’t what you had in mind. Annuals often require more water beyond what the surrounding area receives. Without it, you’ll likely notice wilting, decreased flower production, and muted colors. By fostering consistent soil moisture, seasonal watering service enhances the uptake of fertilizers and nutrients. This yields lush displays without having to plant flowers too close — which can invite disease and fungus.

Help New Plants Get Established

Did you add new plants to your landscape in the spring? Then it’s especially important to protect your investment by watering properly this summer. New plants have greater water needs than established ones, partly because moist soil can more easily merge with existing soil. This makes it easier for roots to grow outward and take hold and flowers to emerge. Plus, it helps reduce the stress of transplantation.

Keep Your Cool

Seasonal watering service not only keeps your plants cool, but it helps you keep your cool, too. Once set-up, it’s an easy way to keep your landscape looking its best and prevent damage from summer’s punishing temperatures. Plus, it’s cost-effective. Pricing generally starts around $55 per hour, inclusive of costs for equipment, labor, and metering to pull public water. Your account manager can provide an exact estimate for your property. BrightView can even set up not-to-exceed and per occurrence amounts, if needed.