Summer color in planters

Warm Up to Summer Color

Create a color display that makes your property shine bright

Ever wonder why some properties stand out more than others? The secret to curb appeal is seasonal color. This summer, create a color display that makes your property shine brighter than the sun. Here’s how:

Contain Your Enthusiasm

Or rather, let it burst from an attractive planter. Container plantings make for an attractive welcome for your guests, and are the perfect spotlight for seasonal color displays. Use them to accent an entryway or seating area, or strategically as dividers to define a space. Container planting has the added benefit of providing more control over growing conditions, opening the door to plant material that may otherwise be incompatible with your landscape. Many bulbs work well in containers too, including Begonias and Elephant Ears.

Summer flowers adds a variety of color
Summer annuals offer a wide variety of color

Show Your True Colors

Summer annuals offer a fantastic selection of color, giving you more opportunities to create displays that represent your brand. From accenting signage, to creating a festive look for summer holidays like Memorial Day and 4th of July, summer color can help you create visual interest, brand consistency, and foster a favorable impression for all who frequent your property.

Some Like it Hot

No matter how sizzling the temperatures get, you can count on reliable summer performers like Bougainvillea, Lantana, Salvia, and Geraniums.

Summer hardy plants such as these guarantee lush color, and won’t wither or fade so long as they receive adequate water. If you’re looking for less conventional choices, herbs are also an option for color, texture, and of course, fragrance. Rosemary is an excellent hedge to anchor colorful beds, while Lavender is a good choice to line pathways and borders.

Geraniums pop with color
Geraniums will provide lush coloring throughout summer

Invest in the Future

When it comes to planting bulbs, trust us, it’s worth the wait. A well-planned bulb garden is a spectacular treat for the eyes, and provides a shot of color timed just right. When planted among your existing perennials, bulbs lend fullness to your flower beds, especially when in bloom. They can also be planted in striking patterns, commanding attention to the areas you desire. Best of all, they don’t require much room. Don’t forget to order bulbs for planting in the fall that will give your property a distinctive look come early spring and into the warmer months.