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Control Tree Growth with Cambistat

Routinely regulating tree growth results in healthier, more durable trees.

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Uncontrolled tree growth is like eating too much cake-- sometimes there are undesirable consequences to a good thing. Everyone loves a mature tree, but when it becomes a safety hazard, threatens structures, or simply outgrows available space, that’s a problem.  Luckily, there’s a way you can have your cake and eat it too—keeping your tree in place, while maintaining the wellbeing of your property.

Cambistat for Controlled Growth
Our certified arborists can expertly apply Cambistat to control growth.

Don’t Wait to Regulate

A little foresight can prevent a larger issue down the line. By using a tree growth regulator called Cambistat®, a tree’s canopy growth can be reduced by as much as 70% over three years. It works by inhibiting the production of gibberellin, a tree’s growth hormone, thereby diverting your tree’s energy from branch growth and redirecting it toward other needs, such as stored energy. Cambistat® also increases chlorophyll production, producing more vibrant foliage. What’s more, Cambistat® is known to increase your tree’s resistance to certain diseases, heat, and drought. Cambistat® boosts production of asorbic acid, which helps fortify your tree’s defenses. Plus, it increases your tree’s fine root density, which aids in nutrient and water uptake. The result is a tree that’s appropriately sized for its environment, healthier, and stronger.

Make it Part of Your Regimen

Integrating Cambistat® into your tree care plan is simple. Cambistat® is typically used within 30 days of pruning, anytime during the growth season. At the direction of your certified arborist, a trained technician will apply the treatment to the soil and trunk of your tree via a soil drench or soil injection, taking care to protect plants within the treatment area. In addition to the benefits Cambistat® provides for your tree’s appearance and wellbeing, it also benefits your pocketbook. Trees treated with Cambistat® generally require less trimming, reducing your costs over time. Its ability to mitigate risk can also save you an untold number of dollars by preventing sidewalk lifting, maintaining safe passageways, and reducing the need for dangerous maintenance requiring ladders and motorized equipment. So that’s the secret—a proactive treatment that lets you have a safe, manicured property, and keep your tree too. Now if you find out the secret for eating as much cake as you’d like without consequence, let us know.

Expertise from Root to Canopy

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