Deep Root Fertilization Palm Tree

Deep Root Fertilization is the Key to Vibrant Trees

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Diseased Canary Island Palm
Diseased Canary Island Palm

Fertilization is a key component for maintaining your tree’s health and longevity but is often overlooked. In many cases, trees are expected to perform in tough environments such as sidewalk cutouts and median strips with minimal soil volume and limited nutrient availability. Fertilization is not meant to make your tree grow faster but a proper fertilizer application replenishes the essential nutritional requirements that a tree needs to live and thrive.

What to Look For
  1. Yellow Leaves or Fronds that Should be Green
  2. Newly Planted Trees
  3. Healthy Trees You Intend to Keep Healthy
How to “Feed” Your Trees with Deep Root Fertilization

If you have trees in your landscape, the best protection is always prevention. Fertilizing your trees with a slow-release fertilizer allows them to make the most of the application, using and storing nutrients as needed. Deep Root Fertilization is applied by soil injection, deep near the root systems of your trees, putting the nutrients right where the tree needs them. These injections reduce the likelihood of the fertilizer’s effectiveness being diminished by rain or wind.

Benefits of Deep Root Fertilization
  • Optimize Soil Conditions & Nutrient Contents
  • Stimulate Development of Canopy & Blooms
  • Help Prevent Weather Damage (Sunburn & Frost)
  • Promote Healthy, Vibrant & Thick Foliage
  • Reduce Susceptibility to Disease & Insect Infestation

With a properly implemented deep root fertilization program, your property will reap the rewards of healthy and beautiful trees for many years to come.

BONUS: Deep root fertilization is friendlier to the environment as it minimizes issues related to erosion, evaporation, and fertilizer run-off.